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Professional Stereo Preamplifier Circuit

A lot of professional preamplifier circuit that hosts the volume control bass, treble, medium, balance, mute, loudness (low bass tones reinforcing) and volume control settings can be made. Professional Preamplifier NE5532 op amp circuits used in the two units working voltage + -15 symmetrical drawing pcb’s regular and all materials on the market. Pa7000 preamplifier

18Hz-200Hz Active Subwoofer filter circuit NE5532

Active Subwoofer filter circuit based on the frequency between 18 Hz 200 Hz ne5532 op ampar setting. Subwoofer Filter circuit power supply 15v dc rectifier +-7815, gathered on a single pcb pcb li regulator 7915 times the design of very high quality material, the placement of entrances, exits, etc. on a regular circuit pcb layout

Microphone Input 4 Channel Mixer Amplified Circuit

Mixer circuit 2 x microphone input and audio input 4. It’s a good thing the printed circuit layout easier to use with the optional sürügülü potentiometers normal potentiometer can also be used, but in this case is made or additional cable with additional pcb is prepared. Mixer circuit direct op amp can be connected to

Distortion Pedal Clone Circuit Box of Rock

Guitarists use of the mesh a pedal model Box of Rock circuit gain, tone, volume, boost control’s bs170 MOSFET and passive components based on the noise ratio is very low absolute best performance to get the 9v battery should be fed resistors metal film 1% tolerance should be Box of Rock distortion pedals have all

20Led Stereo VU Meter Circuit KA2281

Previously KA2281 20 LED mono VU Meter to the circuit I shared the stereo version also am sharing this circuit 2 ka2281 used pcb printed circuit board dimensions mono version of the same operating voltage 12v dc R – L audio input located on the knob with LED combustion can adjust the level printed circuit

Speaker Delayed DC Protection Circuits

Usually the amplifier is shorted output transistors, DC, power failures, this situation gives reliable, though valid in the lecture but integrated requirements may vary according to the situation of failure. It makes more sense to add additional circuitry to protect the loudspeaker DC-protection circuits to detect and relay the DC output of the power amplifier

10 LED VU Meter Circuit LM3915

In this article made ​​with LM3915 integrated LED vu meter is shown in Figure 10 . VU meter circuit feature , listened to music according to the severity of the LEDs are lit . So vu meter circuit indicates the level of severity of music . Music of the bass, treble and volume regardless of

Voice Changer Circuit Donald Duck Sound

The use of voice-changing circuit will sound interesting and fun changing the tests gives the circuit except for the passive elements in shades of Danılt Min ca3240 (bimos op amp) and the tl072 (jfet input opamp) based on clean and effect by setting the potansiyometreleri op evening sound is being changed. The circuit can be

Guitar Effects Emulation Circuit Marshall

Marshall jcm800 emulation circuit of preamf, treble, mid, bass, master, and volume control can be made. Circuit 9 volt battery is working with control floor J201 JFETs, MOSFETs used are already a lot of guitar effects volume control circuit of this transistor with frequent, often I am having characteristics most good is not commercially available

Lowpass Highpass Active Filter Circuits OpAmp

Active filter circuits used in audio circuitry, especially the bass, treble, etc.. general op amp for audio integrated circuits are built on a variety of circuits quite simple overall structure is composed of resistors and capacitors on the main controller integrated op amp. Scheme not specified in the application note this integrated power leg tl082,

Stereo Class A Tone Control Circuit Transistor

Class A amp circuits are accustomed for some reason class a tone access control systems never occurred to me that been the performance I am very curious probably a normal tone control circuit based on is much better circuit critical materials 2SA872, 2SD666 transistors on the market Does not know, but there will not like,

20 Led VU Meter Circuit KA2281

KA2281 previously with various vu meter circuit I made , but all mono circuit stereo manufacturer has two channels has been a challenge but in the end a bit of trouble in the scheme worked beautifully :) Original diagram 15, 16 pins between the 50k resistor connected in this way the circuit full does not

Tube Tone Control Circuit 1SH29B

c 4 1SH29B lamp used bass, treble, gain and volume controls able supply 200V 15mA and 5v 200mA DC separate circuit diagram in key areas of current and voltage data indicated pcb print circuit drawing layout quite been good over-current for the author 10w transformer He trained with the circuit. 1SH29B sprint circuit’s layout has

LED VU Meter Circuit LM3916 17LED

VU meter circuit 2 Dot / Bar Display driver lm3916 used the audio Gisira upgrades in 1 for TL072 op amp has my voice according to the severity of 17 LEDs flashing audio inputs in addition to the 100k potentiometer connecting the LEDs burning level, you can set. 12v dc circuit is working with VU

Crossover, Active Audio Filter Circuits NE5532 Opamp

Active filter circuits NE5532 opamp made ​​using the 2 and 3-way versions available (low pass, band pass, high pass) also opamp in the calculation formulas and examples in the scheme’s entire circuit of the PCB drawings are operating voltage of + – 15v symmetric all circuit files: FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in TXT format): LINKS-14555.zip