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PIC circuits, PIC projects have been realized with microchip controllers of Microchip company.

Animated Heart Circuit RGB Led

The RGB Led version of the Led Heart Circuit Music Box I shared earlier, the RGB LED version of the RGB Led Effect circuit, the PIC12F629 RGB mood light section in the previous circuit was used. There are many working modes in the parallel circuit with 20 5mm RGB LEDs, you can memorize the mode

Universal TV Shutdown Prank Remote

I tested the Joke Remote on Samsung, Toshiba, Arcelik, Vestel televisions. It can turn on and off. Arcelik TV was a very old model, it only turned it off. 2021 model toshiba also turned it on and off when the button was pressed. Keep the button pressed when the TV does not turn off. There

Mobile DTMF Relay Control Circuit

Mobile line compatible DTMF relay control project made by arranging the fixed line DTMF relay control project of my @ETE teacher. ULN2004 for relay driver used CM8880 IC for DTMF receiver installed on circuit PIC16F628 microcontroller. It has Proteus pcb, simulation, picbasic source and hex codes. Working Logic of DTMF Relay System First of all,

Power Strobe LED

The Strobe Led Lamp circuit has 16 effect modes selected with the button built on the PIC12F675 microcontroller. Since the selected mode is stored in the integrated eeprom, the selected mode remains in memory when the power is cut. The source is Picbasic Pro software. You can adjust the lighting times of the LEDs and

Remote Controlled Potentiometer

Remote control potentiometer PIC12F629 control protocol RC5 built on microcontroller System An infrared receiver that controls the stepper motor mounted behind the potentiometer. The protocol is similar to the RC-5 protocol, using Manchester encoding is 13 bits long. After the first bit of two bits is skipped, the length of 1.06 ms is measured, followed

PIC12F675 Ultrasonic Proximity Detector Circuit

The ultrasonic proximity detector circuit PIC12F675 detects the distance installed on the microcontroller as adjustable from about 30 cm to 3 m Ultrasonic Distance measurement is based on measuring the rotating time of the radiating ultrasonic wave reflected from any object. Thanks to the use of the Microchip PIC12F675 microcontroller and integrated hardware functions, the

PIC18LF4550 Samples

Microchip PIC18LF4550 produced for microcontroller, TFT, LCD etc. prepared for development board. applications. The PIC18LF4550 project board has a circuit diagram and all projects have source MPLAB C18 codes. It can be difficult for beginners to implement, but it is useful to have all the resources up to library files. Application of PIC18LF4550 SHT1X Temperature

PIC Microcontroller Synthesizer Audio Electronics Projects

Synthesizer, Guitar Effect Pedals Flanger etc. While various projects are generally circuits with Synthesizer signal generation, there are different projects. All projects have detailed descriptions of source assembly and hex codes. In translation, “Envelope generators” stands for Turkish as “envelope generator”. I’m not sure if the translation is not correct; Envelope generators are circuits that

PIC12F675 Digital Brightness Regulator

The controller allows convenient control of the intensity of lighting made of bulbs. It is not suitable for use with typical energy-saving fluorescent lamps and LEDs, unless they are adapted to work with typical dimmers. There are many similar solutions and probably every electronics engineer has performed a “dimmer” at least once, but this device

PIC18F4455 USB Multimeter Circuit

Digital PIC18F4455 multimeter is nowadays the most used measuring instrument for electrotechnical measurements. For users, the advent of digital multimeters meant above all reliability and instrument for measuring all common electrical parameters. Users’ claims However, this device is constantly growing and with the massive expansion of computer technology begins to be a new requirement to

4 Player Pong Game PIC18f4550

The PIC18f4550 microprocessor based pong game PIC18f4550 The first player to reach 20 points in the Pong Game wins the fireworks animation with leds. The PIC18f4550 works at 8MHz, the display is made up of 900 LEDs arranged in 30×30 size matrise, and besides table preparation, the most demanding part will be 900 strings and

CCS C Applications Proteus Simlations

Previously shared CCS C sample application circuit code archive (C and Hex Isis) is a large archive with all source codes and proteus simulation circuits such as CCS C projects shared in the font. In a majority of CCS C projects, pic16f876 and pic16f877 microcontrollers are used. In projects with USB communication, pic18f4520 pic18F4550 is

Flowcode Examples

Flowcode pic programming pic about the program in the form of flow diagrams of the easiest programs you can write easily in the market, still us is very simple, although it was touted as easy a little bit microcontroller, code, etc. there must be a free expression of information can be solved by the application

dsPIC30F2010 PWM Motor Driver Circuit DRV8402

DRV8402 Motor Driver Circuit The main component is the microcontroller dsPIC30F2010, who for its activities needs outside of the power supply voltage also a source of accurate clock pulses. In order to achieve the speed of 30 MIPs, we had to calculate the speed of the desired crystal. Each instruction takes four bars of the

Car Info Panel with PIC16F873

In the car Frost Alarm (warning sound) , outdoor lamp, alarm, temperature, battery voltage, date, overcharging of information, such as a pic16f873 microcontroller which allows it to be displayed on a LCD display 4×20 with lm335z temperature detection circuit design was achieved… as the sensor is being used. By the way I am now I