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Subwoofer Filter 25Hz 250Hz Bass Crossover Circuit

Circuit quality quite a crossover frequencies between 250Hz 25Hz circuit board on the opamp 4558 setting can be made. Proteus ares of project drawings are printed circuit boards. Subwoofer Crossover @ ahmedyerli of circuit and PCB design About 25Hz to 250Hz Bass Crossover circuit; Half-BASS AUDIO-FREQUENCY-PHASE HIGH BOOTS-PASS / LOW PASS settings can do. 25-250Hz

Tone Controlled Preamplifier Circuit TL072 Opamp

Preamplifier circuit TL072 op amp based on the previously shared “NE5532 Preamplifier tone control” circuit is controlled according to the deeper and a little more powerful stereo two-channel preamplifier and solid bass, treble, balance, volume control. TL072 op amp tone control preamplifier circuit power supply +-12v (7812 7912 negative positive regulator, the regulator) low flow

Voltage Controlled Oscillator Circuit VCO

Voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) LF442, TL082 op-amp based on the operating voltage of + -12 volts dc symmetrical sine, square wave with frequency adjustment on the sound effects can be created. * Octave control voltage 1V * 4 octave 1V control voltage inputs. * 1 linear control voltage input. * Fixed sync input. * Rectangular

Tone Controled Preamplifier Circuit NE5532 Op amp

NE5532 Preamplifier Tone Control Circuit Based on the two-channel stereo preamplifier circuit ne5532 op amp and bass, treble, balance, volume control can do. NE5532 preamp tone control circuit supply symmetrical +-12v positive regulator 7812, 7912 small 12v negative regulator controller batteries connected in series for low current drawn by the circuit can be operated. Preamplifier

Quality Microphone Preamplifier Circuit AD-8648 Op Amp

Microphone preamplifier circuit 5 volts to 20 volts dc voltage is working with measurements, operating characteristics quite well Circuit AD8648-ARZ SMD Op-amp based on the printed circuit board design is very good as is the practice of aluminum cans for supply and 9v alkaline is used very good results. Preamplifier Circuit 0-014% power supply 5v…20V

Complete Amplifier Project

In an article I shared an old amp circuit (Mosfet Amplifier 150W) project, more advanced, I applied again with additional circuitry Circuit 4Ω 8Ω speaker with a 100w power 150w with hoprarl able sooner. Amplifier circuit diagram and PCBs; Preamplifier circuit Pre amplifier circuit works fine, I’ve enjoyed it. In addition to the magnetic microphone

PT2350 Tone Control Circuit Subwoofer Crossover Filter

PT (Princeton Technology Corp..) Series integrated materials in terms of quality not first class but for popular applications, especially for sound systems they have developed an integrated and quite talented, especially Chinese goods a lot of noise in the system PT series audio control ICs are used. PT2350 circuit made ​​with 2-channel sound, volume control

5 Channel Equalizer Circuit KA2223 LA3600

Equalizer KA2223 integrated circuit LA3600 or legs used to integrate the function and connections at the same 100Hz, 320Hz, 1kHz, 3.5kHz, 10kHz frequency range adjustments can be made. And single-channel mono equalizer circuit operating voltage from 15v DC 6V … source,: j.mp/9HHXiG Equalizer Circuit schematic, pcb files: FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in TXT format): LINKS-10805.zip

DAC Circuit CS8416 CS4398

Digital audio applications have not done anything but CS8416 (192 kHz Digital Audio Receiver) and CS4398 (CS4398: 120 dB, 24-Bit, 192 kHz Stereo D / A Converter) integrated carried out with the DAC module circuitry of the person concerned may be useful to PCB drawing is so much quality What is the DAC? DAC, DAC

Frequency Adjustable Bass Crossover Circuit

Bass Crossover two op amp circuit (TL072 tl071) integrated circuit based on the symmetrical +15 v-15v working voltage and frequency settings for gain potentiometer has two frequency range 10 … 60Hz aothor: tamircihasan Adjustable Subwoofer Crossover circuit pcb files : FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in TXT format): LINKS-10729.zip

Bass Looper Guitar Effects Circuit

Guitar Effect circuit two TL072 op-amp based on the VR2 100k potentiometer with the bass setting is done circuit supply 9-volt battery is assured by current consumption is not excessive for the quality alkaline batteries run longer layouts, diagrams, pcb printed circuit boards have drawings. Bass Looper Guitar Effects Sound Sample A note about these

Audio Signal Generator Circuit ICL8038 20Hz to 20kHz

ICL8038 20Hz to 20kHz audio signal generator circuit testing of various circuits in more amp circuit can be useful. The heart of the circuit ICL8038 (Precision Waveform Generator / Voltage Controlled Oscillator) frequency adjustments on the circuit with the work being done 100k potentiometer voltage 12 volts DC Source: sonelec-musique.com 20Hz to 20kHz Signal Generator

Active Sub-Bass Filter Circuit TL072 Op-Amp

Prepared by: Ahmed Saykal – Subbass filter circuit based on TL072 opamp not only more complex, integrated and a few passive components prepared with 5.1 sound system a lot, but to be effective in certain circuits of this type are used. Sub-bass filter circuit symmetrical +12 volt supply and l7912 l7812-12volt regulator with an integrated

Guitar Distortion Effects Circuit Stomp-Box

Guitar distortion effects Circuit 2N5457, J201 FET and the opamp tl071 based on the pcb drawing and material list. Circuit should use a 9 volt battery to supply quality sound with different power sources can not already spends too little power circuit quality alkaline 9v battery runs for a long time. Distortion Stomp-Box Circuit Test

4-Channels Simple Mixer Circuit

Very simple mixer circuit bc457 3 of passive elements (resistors, capacitors) consists of four channels have input dc voltage between 9 … 16 works with a 9 volt battery can be used with NPN transistors can be bc 547/548/549 or 2n2222 etc … any small signal NPN appropriate, simply follow the B / C /