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Amplifiers with 1000 watts or more. Mini amplifier is a standard amplifier, as well as quality amplifier. Mono stereo amplifier, Class D Amplifier High-power amplifier circuits, low-power amplifier circuits, bjt mosfet transistor, integrated designs projects.

High Quality Amplifier Circuit LM3886

The dimensions of the PCB board are 80×80 mm. Each board is equipped with its own protection device that disconnects the load in emergency situation (appearance of constant voltage at the output or breakage of any of secondary windings of the power transformer), as well as performing the necessary load connection delay when power is

Crown XLS Clone DIY

The DIY version of the Crown XLS series professional amplifier is tried and tested and is even sold as a kit. There are 300W, 600W, 800W, 1200w versions that have been applied by removing some parts without changing the design of the original circuit much, I prepared a PCB for the 400W version. Crown XLS

Simple 2SC5200 Transistor Amplifier 100W RMS

100W Amplifier circuit provides high power with less material. Output transistors 2 2SC5200 NPN transistors. PNP transistor is not used for output in this amp design. The operating voltage of the 100W Amplifier circuit is 2X46V DC. If you want to operate at higher voltage (max. 2X56V DC), you should use 2SC3858 or similar power

100W Power Amplifier TIP147 TIP142 Transistors (Pro and Simple version)

When I found a regular PCB drawing of a 100W amplifier circuit that I had in mind for a long time, I went into practice. Darlington (TIP147 TIP142) power transistors are used in the circuit output. Ideal for active speaker system or subwoofer, guitar amplifier, home theater systems, instrument amplifier… Clone version of 100W Amplifier

2SA1943 2SC5200 200W Amplifier Circuit

The single channel 200W version of the amplifier shared in the article 400w (2X200w) Transistor Amplifier Circuit was designed as small as possible in PCB size. The power transistors of the 200W Afi circuit do not require the classic 2SC5200 and 2SA1943 quiescent current adjustment. The amplifier can deliver 100W RMS power with a 4-OHM

Car Amplifier Circuit 2X300W 500W SG3525 DC DC Converter

My brother Hasan is an old project of two channels 300w and 500w versions. Pre-shared 500W 250W Hi-Fi Transistor Amplifier Circuits and SG3525 EI33 ATX 200-600w DC-DC Converter for auto amplifier projects Output power transistors of the Amplifier Circuits 2SC5200, 2SA1943 DC DC converter floor SG3525 pwm control integration is used. EI33 transformers are used

300W Amplifier Circuit MJ15003 MJ15004

This is a very good amplifier suitable for driving compact speakers or bass or midrange PA systems. The great advantage of this connection is, on the one hand, the use of commonly available components, reasonable price and also the integration of all basic protections directly on the amplifier board, which significantly simplifies the construction of

TIP147 TIP142 Amplifier Circuit 200W Music Power

Darlington Transistor TIP147 TIP142 Amplifier Circuit – Output power @ 4 ohm: 100 W; – Output power @ 8 ohms: 70 W; – Distortion (THD @ 1 kHz / 10 W): 0.02%; – S / N ratio: 115 dB; – Bandwidth: 3 Hz ÷ 200 kHz; – Sensitivity: 600 mVeff; – Supply voltage: 2×30 Vac;

TDA1517 2×6W Miniature Amplifier Circuit

A full-fledged stereo power amplifier with the TDA1517 chip. It is powered by single voltage, achieves 2×6W output power at 4 Ω load. The whole is designed as a small module with dimensions of 30mm × 38mm, which “will fit anywhere”. The TDA1517 amplifier module can be used in self-made sound equipment or mounted in

Kenwood Clone Mono Car Amplifier Circuit

Amplifier solid Kenwood KAC-718 model subwoofer filter, DC DC converter, Fan control circuit uPC1237HA protection, circuits are taken from Kenwood KAC-716 model. Technical Specifications of Car Amplifier: Maximum Power Output (at 4Ω, 100Hz) 1x 240W Nominal Power Output (4Ω) (0.08% THD at 100Hz, Supply 14.4 volts). 120W Nominal Power Output (2Ω) (0.8% THD at 100Hz,

Hi Fi Stereo Headphone Amplifier Circuit

The Studio series is a premium stereo headphone amplifier with very low noise and distortion. Operating voltage installed on circuit OPA2134 opamp symmetrical + -15v dc Headphone Amplifier Main Features High performance – very low noise and distortion Can be used with high and low impedance headphones High output power (200mW; up to 8Ω and

2N6609 2N3773 HiFi Amplifier Circuit 550W

Since TO − 204 sheath power transistors are used, cooler, pcb assembly etc. a challenging but high quality design. The amplifier has Output short-circuit protection. T22 and T23 take current measurements over 0.47-ohm resistor and take the T11 and T12 to the cut and go to protection. You can increase the protection sensitivity by reducing

IRFP240 IRFP9240 Mosfet 400W Amplifier Circuit

Despite the apparent simplicity, this amplifier showed excellent quality parameters, which allows you to safely rank it as a Hi-Fi equipment. The amplifier has a very pleasant sound in the mid-eighties was patented. Since then, the element base has changed quite a lot and it has been possible to simplify the circuit, preserving the idea

STK442-090 Amplifier Circuit

The proposed STK442-090 amplifier circuit is a compromise, because STK442-090 is a microassembly, it is also a hybrid integrated circuit (GIS). What it is? Take an excerpt from Wikipedia: “microassembly is an integrated circuit in which, along with elements that are inextricably connected on the surface or in the volume of the substrate, mounted micro-miniature

Class D Bass Guitar Amplifier Circuit

Completed class d amplifier project Class d power amp, preamp, vu meter, psu, panel desing. Learn about design of amplifiers in class D. Design amplifier wiring for bass with a power output of about 100 W. Complete the output stage with an active correction preamp with with a three-band equalizer and a switchable center band