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DC DC Converter Models Matlab

Matlab models of DC DC converters A study on standard DC DC converters with transformers, their applications and simulation results in Matlab Simulink software environment using Simscape library. A large part of the work is devoted to the theory and design of the transformer model, which is an important part of the transformer DC DC

Using Sprint Layout 6 PCB Program

I previously shared a short video with v4 version in Sprint-Layout printed circuit preparation video narration. I made a new video for Sprint Layout 6 and tried to show as many details as possible. General settings, features, single, double and ground plane PCB drawing examples, Gerber import, Image PCB copying, tips and tricks. Sprint Layout

Panel Design Program Download

The program for panel design is free. It can be used for panel design of electronic device boxes, boards, industrial boxes. dfx can be imported and exported win 10, 7, 8 xp 32 and 64 bit versions are at a level that can do professional work. The program is in English, detailed usage information is

LTspice Program Download

LTspice XVII is a schematic, circuit simulation program. LTspice has gone through a full rewrite process to improve the simulator’s performance, fix bugs, and expand the simulator to run industry-standard semiconductor and behavior models. A digital simulation feature has been added, including co-simulation. Extensive enhancements have been made to the analog SPICE simulator, such as

Led Matrix Studio Arduino, Microchip

Microcontroller LED Matrix Studio is an application designed for electronic enthusiasts who want to accelerate the development of LED and matrix projects. Many different export options support animations and different matrix sizes. It can be used to design fonts, graphics and animations for PICAXE, PIC, Arduino, Parallax and other electronic or micro controller projects. An

Printer Ink Cartridge Resetter Programs

Pronter service tools programs Ink Cartridge Resetter.. In addition to the PIC12F629 share, the Epson Cartridge Chip Resets for Epson Printers and the Epson Cartridge Chip Resets is an archive of rescue programs in Epson, Canon printers. In addition, the printer EEPROM file can be saved in some cases. Cartridge reset programs work directly in

Speaker Parallel Serial Connection Calculator

Sometimes in home audio systems or auto audio systems, the speakers need to be connected in parallel, sometimes this type of connection is necessary. Prepared with Excel Speaker serial, parallel connection calculation tool Anfi power loudspeaker omaj, total connection according to the connection shape, consuming power shows. 2, 3, 4 serial, parallel speaker connection and

RC Tone Control Circuit Calculator

Simple Passive RC Tone Control Circuits and Simple Tone Control Circuitry bass treble rc filter sharing circuits in the source program I have just recently realized that I have been archived in the past .. Fender, Vox, Marshall, James, E series, Bench, Big Muff, Hiwatt The passive tone control circuits can see the operating frequencies,

Electronic Calculation Program For Radio Amateurs

500kb size calculation is very useful and handy program that can do a lot by electronic Antenna ERP calculations. Debilitating calculations. Audio filter design. Coiled accounts. Decibel calculations. Great-Circle map and the calculator. HF Filter Calculation. Antenna HF Calculation. Op-Amp Calculation. Determine QRA (rear) / Longitude Latitude. Radio Horizon account. Satellite Orbit Calculation. Timers. The

Advanced Resistor Calculator Program

an Advanced Resistor Calculator program on the market that I share in special value resistors in the calculation that are not available to prepare a program that makes… Resistor calculation program, after opening the “required” section, you write the value of the resistance K (clay-Ohm) M (mega-ohms), etc. you can use abbreviations, or you can

Linux Electronics Programs

Using Linux previously Linux programs, which was turned into a package of Electronics, is a good source for electronic… Boreas GNU/Linux et al 0.2 (64-bit) Electricity and electronics for the first time 12 years ago dealing with people who are thoughtfully prepared Boreas GNU/Linux distribution and support of updated software and new and emerging technologies

Woofer Crossover Box Design Programs (Excel)

Jeff Bagby and Charlie Out great things with Excel, very detailed, active, passive crossover and woofer had prepared programs Passive Crossover Designer Excel application for designing passive crossovers and equalization The purpose of the this spreadsheet is to allow the user to accurately simulate the frequency, phase, and impedance of a two or three way

Free Electronic Circuit Simulator Spice-Based TINA-Ti

Texas Instruments TI the TINA-a useful application of SPICE-based Analog simulation program. The program is available in a wide range of special library and Texas instruments (new release added National Semiconductor opamps) schematic symbol editor hundreds of example application circuit, has also a lot of property visually etc detailed user manual. In a way, a

SMPS Transformer Coil Transformer Calculation Programs

Before “Advanced SMPS Transformer design program” ExcellentIT and “Ir2153 SG3525 Frequency Calculation Programs for Switch mode power supplies with raisers” shared a very useful programs. Programs prepared by Russian-born Vladimir Denisenko sharing a person known as a Russian electronic forum Starichok51. Starichok51 share of 18 program until it was presented as a very popular used

Useful Kicad PCB Tools Calculator, Gerber Viewer Portable

KiCAD distributed for free the most advanced PCB, Schematic program .. sometime a few PCB drawing to open kidcad use the program had to examining the features that “PCB Calculator” tool that caught my attention PCB a lot about computation is done a little program has beautiful side Kicad board does away with the portable