DIY Desktop Arcade Cabinet CNC Plan

| September 20, 2021 Updated
DIY Desktop Arcade Cabinet CNC Plan

I’ve been thinking about making a complete Arcade machine for years. I previously renewed my handmade arcade joystick and Arcade joystick table for the Emulator. I shared the joystick systems I made for the mame emulator in their articles. They worked very well, but they didn’t taste like the original machine, although it is important in the environment, but it is largely important in the device anyway…

Finally, I decided to make a large arcade machine, found an arcade cabinet plan, materials etc. I planned everything, while I was continuing to research, I saw the “Bartop Arcade” system. I decided to make the bartop model because it is easier to carry and because it is a little less difficult to make than the large size arcade machine.

Arcade Cabin Construction Details



Since this time it will be a more detailed job, the arrival of the materials etc. I researched some sections in depth because it would take a long time. I did not use the template provided for the button and joystick placement, I edited the layout of the original Japanese arcade machine and used it.

28 inch Samsung TV was used in the project. The square monitor is very good for this job, but it is hard to find in the large size market, I used the best 16:10 1920×1200 resolution 25 inch monitor in the new generation

Note: If you have the opportunity, definitely use 12mm material (mdf plywood, etc.). I used 18mm mdf, but it was difficult and heavy to process, although it is carried but it could be lighter. 12mm material will be much easier to cut and process. According to my current experience, I prepare all the parts without a CNC, circular saw with 12mm counter plate.

The price of the buttons I bought is reasonable, but the models are not suitable for 18mm mdf, I missed this detail, but they fit pretty tight, no problem. The use of Raspberry Pi for arcade games is quite common, I don’t like it very much, I already have an old Asus laptop. I removed the laptop’s screen and placed it inside the atari cabinet, I bought a mini set for the keyboard mouse

Source for the Bartop Arcade blueprint is @We Build Stuff. He shared all the stages from start to finish, he shared the measurements in pdf format, and there is also arcade .dwg drawing.

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Published: 2021/09/20

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