Stript Led Power Suply Calculator

Strip Led Calculator Stript Led Calculator. What is LED Strip? Led strip consists of SMD type led and current limiting elements placed on a flexible PCB. LED strip is easy to install, it is generally all adhesive, it can be used by cutting from the marked sections. Besides single, multi-colors, there are varieties of LED strip light, for example, daylight led strip, white, bright white, etc. Strip led prices may differ according to material quality, strength, indoor-outdoor features and varieties.

Types of LED Strips: LED strips without indoor silicone coating, Outdoor waterproof silicone coating. Single Color LED Strip, RGB multi color LED Strip, Single, 3-chip LED strip and Microcontrollers, arduino etc. Addressable digital strip LEDs controlled by

Currents drawn between 2.8v ….3.4v of the most used types of LEDs (there may be slight differences according to the manufacturer) SMD 3528 LED 20-30mA SMD 5050 LED 60mA SMD 5630 LED 150mA

You can reach detailed calculation results with the LED Strip power supply calculation tool below.

In addition, calculation information;

The ones with monochrome SMD-3828 LEDs usually have 60 LEDs per 1 meter. They draw an average of 400mA per meter. (4 amps)

3-Chip SMD-5050 Strip leds draw more current about 1200ma (1.2 amps) at 1 meter

Note: If a very long strip led connection is to be made for LED Strip Lighting, it is healthier to use a separate 12v adapter every 5 meters.

Led Type
How many LEDs in 1 meter?
Strip Led length (mt.)
Number of led strip

Power for 1 MeterW
Total powerW
Total Current ConsumptionА
power supply wattW
power supply voltageV
Total Strip Led LengthMt.
flux Lm
Lamp power equivalent to incandescent lampsW


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