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Interesting Arduino Circuits

Some projects with PIC Microcontrollers have been implemented with Arduino modules. Converting Arduino software for PIC or vice versa, though not very interesting. There are Arduino and PIC source codes. Arduino Talking Clock The watch tells the time by playing tracks from the SD card. SD is FAT32 format. Tracks are 22,050 KHz, 8 bit,

Voltage, Current, Temperature, Power and Load Resistance Measurement

In addition to measuring voltage, current, power and temperature, the meter can also calculate the resistance of an attached load. However, this is not the most important difference – more importantly, this meter can also measure negative voltage and current. Recommendations: the meter can be used in a laboratory power supply or other power system.

DMX Servo Driver Circuit

The ATmega168 project is a continuation of devices with DMX interface designed for set designers, people involved in the setting of events, musicians, etc. Our controller is able to control four servos, with which you can, for example, control lighting or animated elements of the scenery. After the transmission decay, the servos may be in

Lighting switch in the garage

Driving a car into the garage after dark can be fatal if it has no lighting. The presented system automatically switches on the lighting, without leaving the vehicle. He will also remember to turn them off later. The switch system is designed for 230V AC supply. It works by detecting a beam of light (coming

STM32 ARM BLDC Motor Controller

The BLDC motor control circuit based on the STM32F405RG has a highly developed design. All materials except power solids capacitors are in SMD type. Power Mosfets ipt007n06n is a difficult circuit design but it can be useful for similar projects. 8-layer PCB drawing file prepared with source code and Kicad was shared. Sensorless vector control

Remote Controlled Potentiometer

Remote control potentiometer PIC12F629 control protocol RC5 built on microcontroller System An infrared receiver that controls the stepper motor mounted behind the potentiometer. The protocol is similar to the RC-5 protocol, using Manchester encoding is 13 bits long. After the first bit of two bits is skipped, the length of 1.06 ms is measured, followed

PIC12F675 Ultrasonic Proximity Detector Circuit

The ultrasonic proximity detector circuit PIC12F675 detects the distance installed on the microcontroller as adjustable from about 30 cm to 3 m Ultrasonic Distance measurement is based on measuring the rotating time of the radiating ultrasonic wave reflected from any object. Thanks to the use of the Microchip PIC12F675 microcontroller and integrated hardware functions, the

PIC18LF4550 Samples

Microchip PIC18LF4550 produced for microcontroller, TFT, LCD etc. prepared for development board. applications. The PIC18LF4550 project board has a circuit diagram and all projects have source MPLAB C18 codes. It can be difficult for beginners to implement, but it is useful to have all the resources up to library files. Application of PIC18LF4550 SHT1X Temperature

PIC Microcontroller Synthesizer Audio Electronics Projects

Synthesizer, Guitar Effect Pedals Flanger etc. While various projects are generally circuits with Synthesizer signal generation, there are different projects. All projects have detailed descriptions of source assembly and hex codes. In translation, “Envelope generators” stands for Turkish as “envelope generator”. I’m not sure if the translation is not correct; Envelope generators are circuits that

STM32 50V-2KV High Voltage Power Supply NCP1351

In order to test the electrical resistance of insulators, it is necessary to have a voltage source. The required output voltage depends on the type of materials tested. In this case, it is a source of adjustable output voltage in the range of 50V to 2kV sine wave with a frequency of 50Hz. The power

ATmega88 RGB lamp with DMX interface

The design of a light source with a DMX interface, consisting of RGB LEDs panel, and thus able to illuminate objects with light of almost any color. Over 60 super-bright LEDs with up to 100,000 mcd luminosity were used in its construction. The device fits the KM-95 enclosure, which has a handle for mounting it

ATmega128 DMX Scanner

DMX interface. These were mainly receivers and transmitters, as well as devices enabling the development of DMX networks. When running prototypes or large installations, you will definitely need a DMX scanner that can provide invaluable services. Recommendations: the scanner will be useful to people dealing with technical equipment on stage, technical setting of events, etc.

PIC12F675 Digital Brightness Regulator

The controller allows convenient control of the intensity of lighting made of bulbs. It is not suitable for use with typical energy-saving fluorescent lamps and LEDs, unless they are adapted to work with typical dimmers. There are many similar solutions and probably every electronics engineer has performed a “dimmer” at least once, but this device

PIC18F4455 USB Multimeter Circuit

Digital PIC18F4455 multimeter is nowadays the most used measuring instrument for electrotechnical measurements. For users, the advent of digital multimeters meant above all reliability and instrument for measuring all common electrical parameters. Users’ claims However, this device is constantly growing and with the massive expansion of computer technology begins to be a new requirement to

TB6560AHQ ATMEGA64 CNC Projects

The subject of this project is realization of CNC milling machine, designed for production of smaller machines light alloy and PCB components. This will be subject to selection of mechanical components and drive. The mechanical construction should not be too complex due to limited production means, however, a laser cutter is available and the possibility