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Atmel AVR circuits, Atmel AVR projects have been realized with microcontrollers of Atmel brand, amateur, professional applications, most of which are source codes.

Voltage, Current, Temperature, Power and Load Resistance Measurement

In addition to measuring voltage, current, power and temperature, the meter can also calculate the resistance of an attached load. However, this is not the most important difference – more importantly, this meter can also measure negative voltage and current. Recommendations: the meter can be used in a laboratory power supply or other power system.

DMX Servo Driver Circuit

The ATmega168 project is a continuation of devices with DMX interface designed for set designers, people involved in the setting of events, musicians, etc. Our controller is able to control four servos, with which you can, for example, control lighting or animated elements of the scenery. After the transmission decay, the servos may be in

Lighting switch in the garage

Driving a car into the garage after dark can be fatal if it has no lighting. The presented system automatically switches on the lighting, without leaving the vehicle. He will also remember to turn them off later. The switch system is designed for 230V AC supply. It works by detecting a beam of light (coming

ATmega88 RGB lamp with DMX interface

The design of a light source with a DMX interface, consisting of RGB LEDs panel, and thus able to illuminate objects with light of almost any color. Over 60 super-bright LEDs with up to 100,000 mcd luminosity were used in its construction. The device fits the KM-95 enclosure, which has a handle for mounting it

ATmega128 DMX Scanner

DMX interface. These were mainly receivers and transmitters, as well as devices enabling the development of DMX networks. When running prototypes or large installations, you will definitely need a DMX scanner that can provide invaluable services. Recommendations: the scanner will be useful to people dealing with technical equipment on stage, technical setting of events, etc.

TB6560AHQ ATMEGA64 CNC Projects

The subject of this project is realization of CNC milling machine, designed for production of smaller machines light alloy and PCB components. This will be subject to selection of mechanical components and drive. The mechanical construction should not be too complex due to limited production means, however, a laser cutter is available and the possibility

ATMEGA16 Led Cube Circuit

The Led Cube project was made of LED cube, one side consisted of eight LEDs, a total of 8 obsahuje = 512 LEDs. By multiplexing always the eight LEDs, any spatial “picture” can be made from luminous LEDs. The cube can be used for aesthetic purposes, presentations, games (eg 3D Snake), etc. A total of

ATmega64 RGB LED Cube Circuit

RGB Led cube circuit is basically a real 3D display. Its resolution is determined by the number of LEDs. Greater resolution offers more faithful effects, but the demands on RGB LEDs and controls increase with the cube. So it is advisable to choose the right compromise, between difficulty and resolution. Here is the size of

Mobile Robot Project MPU6050 ATmega328

ATmega328, BLDC Motor, Gyroscope, accelerometer, inverse pendulum, I2C bus, Martinez V3, controller, modeling simulation, Matlab, Simulink, MPU6050 This work deals with the construction of two-wheeled mobile robot and subsequent creation drivers and controls for its sensors, motors and controller design. Management works on Arduino platform with ATmega328 processor. In the first place, the research is

Simple DIY homemade soldering station MK936 Circuit

There are a lot of different soldering stations on the Internet, but everyone has their own characteristics. Some are difficult for beginners, others work with rare soldering irons, some are not finished, etc. We focused on simplicity, low cost and functionality, so that every beginner radio amateur could assemble such a soldering station. A regular

Numitron clock circuit with Atmega32

The project deals with the construction of a universal display panel with 6 8 segment display tubes (numitrons) IV-6 of Russian production. The panel is also supplemented with a control unit with Atmega32 processor, where software for realization of clock is implemented. The operation of the device is the same as with the classic digital

AVR-ISP MKII Programmer Circuit

AVR microcontrollers are most commonly used for AVR-ISP MKII programmer programming with serial interface ISP. They are cheap and uncomplicated. However, these programmers have lost their versatility because Atmel has introduced new microcontrollers, programmed with PDI and TPI interfaces. The programmer presented in the article is universal, it will be useful to both older and

Lead-Acid Battery Controller Circuit

The project deals with the solution of an electronic device for the control of lead Acid Battery. Lead-acid accumulators are susceptible to their excessive undercuts. The occurrence of these conditions in the lead-acid battery leads to a reduction in the life and capacity of the battery and, in the event of prolonged undercharging, the battery

ATTiny25 Three-phase 50 Hz Generator Circuit

Multifunctional sinusoidal three-phase signal generators are available on the market for testing inverters. However, in a situation where a simple control is necessary, to which a single frequency signal suffices, such a device becomes an unnecessary expense.nMoving the phase of an already generated analog signal would be difficult to perform, therefore it was decided to

ATtiny2313 Programmable Power Time Switch Circuit

Often there is a need to control the working time of the device powered by mains voltage. Different time switches are available in the market, but most of them require time-consuming configuration. In particular, when control is limited to an automatic shutdown after a set time, such solutions become ineffective. For this purpose, the described