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Guitar Preamp Effect Circuit

Prepare a musician playing a guitar preamp tone control circuit “gain, deep, press, bass, treble, medium” and make controls debra opamf TL072 JFET transistors on the board. Supply voltage 12 volts dc. 4 amp 12v battery and circuit performance would be better if you can use the parts list diagram drawing PCBs are Guitar Preamp

Guitar Effects Simple Fuzz Face Circuit

Detail of a project from start to finish guitar fuzz effects, making the circuit box to print pictorial effect has been demonstrated circuit consists of two transistors and a few passive components are drawing pcb upside down. In addition to appearing in the block diagram circuit enriched with other floors. Fuzz Face Circuit source: guitariste.com

Handmade Speaker (low power)

It’s an interesting writer HiFi speaker mentioned that it was very simple, but I do not know how much is true for sure. Used in the laptop’s audio output The materials used in making speaker Foam Plate, isolated copper wire 0.202mm (awg32), tape, glue, tape paper, audio input jack for cable and neodymium magnet Neodymium

5+1 Home Theater System SADC Preamplifier Circuit

Quality hi-fi quality 5.1-transistor preamplifier circuit design have given all the details of a list of materials, box dimensions, PCDs, drawings, sound dB details, measurements, notes etc.. BF245C circuit, 2N3019 (2N1711 can be used instead) transistors based on a single source of supply voltage 60V DC. We also applied on the source site has a

Analog Synthesizer Tone Generators Circuit

Circuit TL084, 555, CD40106 integrated based on the driver, b, fuzz, two band pass filter, tone genarate 1.2, LFO controls able modulation depth can be adjusted circuit supply 9-volt battery provided with further circuit schematic drawing in sections for different applications helpful may Analog Sound Effect Circuit source: casperelectronics.com Analog Synthesizer Tone Generators Circuit schematic

Simple Tone Control Circuit RC-Filter Bass Treble Adjustment

2 100k potentiometer resistors and capacitors with a simple inexpensive quite well that works a tone control circuit bass and treble controls are doing RC low-pass filter the low-frequency bass sounds RC high-pass filter section treble passes With this state of the circuit can be used for mono signals only for two-channel stereo dual stereo

LED Bar Indicator Audio Spectrum Analyzer Circuit

Opamp and cmos integrated circuits based on sound level indicator audio spectrum analyzer circuit led bar display used 10 pieces for a little advanced version of the classic spectrum analyzer, VU meter circuit circuit circuit diagram a bit complicated but it is written makes it easy for you to work more or less pcb drawings

The simplest radio circuit

5 piece kit consisting of the first half pretty simple and inexpensive radio circuit with a stylish casing made ​​of wood and plexiglass think should be reinforced with output amplifier fm radio circuit has two different :) simple radio circuit I have heard, even from a physicist, that it is impossible to build FM crystal

Subwoofer Cabinet and Active Filter Circuit

Filter and Subwoofer cabin complete with a detailed project design with TL072 opamp is shared in an active bass amp input filter for Node excel calculation sheet accounts and other drawings for the circuit pcb available in the cabin. Subwoofer enclosure made ​​of MDF Subwoofer Cabinet Project This project has been started in order to

Guitar Tremolo Effect Circuit Opamp TL072 TL071

TL 072 and TL 071 opamp guitar effect integrated circuit based on the “rate, depth” setting can be done with a 12 volt dc adapter can run Total harmonic distortion: 0.1% at 100mV in and @ 1kHz Signal to noise ratio: 108dB with respect to 1V input and 1k input loading; 112dB A weighted Maximum

Adjustable Simple Metronome Circuit (Two transistor)

One very simple metronome circuit npn and pnp transistor and one capacitor potentiometer resistance buzzer can be connected to the audio output to speakers or headphones + 5v dc supply voltage can be Bcxxx bdxxx transistors used for the different series can I try 2s945 (npn) 2sa733 (PnP) I used 47k resistors. 16v 4.7uF capacitor

5-Channel Equalizer PT2389 3D-Effects Bass Filter Circuit

Princeton Technology Corp.. A lot of producers pt series has an integrated volume control, sound system I’ve seen on Chinese goods usually made ​​with a complete control circuit PT2389 @ akmese451 says: Pt 2389 5-band digital echo circuit. Circuit, voice Classical – Jazz – Pops – Rock – Flat and 3D sound effects, Bled (BB)

VU Meter Circuits LM3914 LM3915 PCB

VU Meter circuit has 2 versions of the LM3914 and made ​​with lm3915.. LM3914 Dot Bar Display Driver LM3914 is a monolithic integrated circuit that senses analog voltage levels and drives 20 Led stereo Vu Metre Devresi PCB Circuit LM3914 10 leds stereo vumeter circuit diagram of Eagle PCB drawing of eagle VU Meter Circuits

TDA7000 FM Radio Circuit

I sold a handy turning on the radio, considering that the radio circuit in terms of cost 1USD poor in terms of cost, but you do not have a lifetime of service: D Something else while listening to a distinct pleasure verebilir.b my first attempt in my neighborhood crime Radio Chatter bought was very clear

Distortion Pedal Circuit for Guitar Effects

Here is a distortion pedal, with noise-gate integrated setting and bass / medium / treble, operating on the sector. Personally I added a switch stop walking on food, a door fuse (fuse 500mA under glass) and led (220v) It is a fitting analog multiplexer controlled by two signals. One comes from the push through a