Nokia3310 LCD PIC16F88 Resistor Color Code Calculator Circuit

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Nokia3310 LCD PIC16F88 Resistor Color Code Calculator Circuit

Our circuit commercially available 4-color carbon resistor color code itself accounts. As our circuit structure is quite simple . PIC16F88 as a material for Nokia 3310 keypad and LCD 4 × 3 consists of a few simple elements . Application to the study, the 12 keys on the keypad each respectively black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, WHITE, GOLD, SILVER color is expressed with .

Entered with the keypad and the screen colors as 3, 4, 5 and 6 are displayed in rows . Last color by entering the resistance value is calculated automatically . The calculated resistance value is printed on the 1st line of the screen . If the tolerance of the resistor value is displayed on line 2 . Circuit and the color codes to the extent allowed up to 0.1 ohms and 99 giga ohms of resistance value can be calculated.

In practice, the wrong color in the wrong rows are not allowed to enter the code . 1.Color black , gold, silver , excluding any color can be entered. 2 colors gold, silver , excluding any color can be entered. 3 colors , each color can be entered. 4 colors are gold or silver in color only tolerance can be entered.

Resistor Code Calculator Circuit Schematic


PIC16F88 Resistor Code Calculator Circuit test

1-fast-lcd-direnc-bitmap-120x120 2-nokia-3310-lcd-direnc-devre-pcb-pic16f88-tekniker-erhan-120x120 3-nokia-3310-lcd-direnc-devre-pcb-pic16f88-tekniker-erhan-120x120

4-nokia-3310-lcd-direnc-devre-pcb-pic16f88-tekniker-erhan-120x120 5-nokia-3310-lcd-direnc-devre-pcb-pic16f88-tekniker-erhan-120x120 6-nokia-3310-lcd-direnc-devre-pcb-pic16f88-tekniker-erhan-120x120

7-nokia-3310-lcd-direnc-devre-pcb-pic16f88-tekniker-erhan-120x120 8-nokia-3310-lcd-direnc-devre-pcb-pic16f88-tekniker-erhan-120x120 direnc-renk-kod-hesaplayici-devre-nokia-3310-lcd-pic16f88-120x120

nokia-3310-proteus-isis-pic16f88-ares-pcb-120x120 nokia-3310-proteus-isis-pic16f88-direnc-renk-lcd-120x120

Resistor Calculator Project of the code file and ares proteus printed circuit file:


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3 Comments “Nokia3310 LCD PIC16F88 Resistor Color Code Calculator Circuit

  1. Electronics CircuitsElectronics Circuits

    Atmel Atmega8 Nokia6100 LCD PCF-8833 Application

    Nokia 3310 screen already had several applications with bi-color LCD at this time I decided to experiment with it. Heavily on the market, the Nokia 6100 LCDs and their controllers for microchip using Atmel ATmega8 given codes can edit and work with Winavi made ​​to optimize and tried with ATmega8 code works just fine.

    220Ω, and 330Ω with ATmega8 voltage divider screen I used to drive. But who wants to run ATMega8 3.3 volts without the use of resistance can take the screen. Including 8-bit and 12-bit color display mode has two 8bit color I did with trials. Drivers in the file by writing to the screen, draw various geometric shapes and functions available in press bmp image. All the files associated with the application can be accessed from the link below.

    Atmega8 PCF8833 Nokia 6100 project

  2. Pekka RitamakiPekka Ritamaki

    I have tried to code PIC C (CCS) code for Nokia 3310 with PIC18F2620, but no success.

    I found in your place code for PIC16F88, but I can’t get is open, it need a password
    Can I get your password, so that I may find my error.

    I have used 3.3V power, thought the PCD8544 datasheet says that it will last 7V.
    Here is my Nokia 3310 code ( the main part)
    void main ()
    setup_wdt (WDT_512MS );
    init_tasks(); // Init PIC
    nokia_init(); // init nokia 3310 display
    nokia_clean_ddram();// clean ddram

    while (1)
    printf( “\rShack 2023.3.21″);
    printf(nokia_printchar,”Shack 2023.3.17″);
    printf(nokia_printchar,”Ella Ritamäki”);

    I include my schematic
    I have also a internet place
    Regards Pekka Ritamaki. Finland


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