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OBD II Socket Adapter PCB

The project is an external OBDII socket interface that allows easy access to the CAN bus and other transmission lines used by vehicle manufacturers using a diagnostic tester. Recommendations: the project is designed for car services and workshops dealing with electronics and diagnostics. All electronic modules are connected in parallel to a 2-wire twisted pair.

Automatic Polarity Stabilizer Simple Relay Circuit

Simple circuit with relay that directs output at the correct polarity when DC input is reversed. In reverse polarity protection, there is no output in the wrong connection. With this circuit, it gives output in all kinds of connections. In this connection there is a circuit that is inserted between the power supply and the

Adjustable Delay Circuit

An uncomplicated layout that will perfectly test sift wherever necessary delay the application of any device. Delay time it can be adjusted from about 2 to 120 seconds. It may find use on for example, in a car, in the role of a system delaying the application of any receiver, e.g. The main element The

Powerful Ultrasonic Dog Repeller

There are alternatives on the market with 4 TR2516T1 ultrasonic transmitter plow transmitter 25kHz 16mm dimensions, the output of which is installed on the CD4093A integrated circuit of the ultrasonic dog repellent circuit, powered by BSS88 mosfets. Output peak voltage can rise up to 85-90V, frequency adjustment can be made with R1 trimpot. In the

Dark Switch Circuit with 741 Opamp

The circuit diagram you see in the picture works as a dark switch with the LDR on it. The circuit consists of four resistors, a 741 opamp, two potentiometers (optional trimpot available), an LDR, a switching TIP122 transistor and a lamp. In the circuit, the value of the resistor R1 is directly proportional to the

Light Activated Relay Switch (TransformerLess Power Supply)

Light Activated Switch Circuit. Switches, including those reacting to changes in lighting, are still very popular and practically used by electronics or automation specialists. This time we propose to make a simple light-responsive switch system, but powered directly from 230 V AC. while the assembly diagram in Figure 2. The actuator that powers the light

Phone Ring Amplifier Circuit

Phone Ring Amplifier Circuit People with hearing problems do not hear a phone call or intercom. Often the reason is the low volume of the bell built into the device. This project can eliminate this problem. This project is not an amplifier in the literal sense. Rather, it can be called a sound comparator, which

Operational Amplifier Tester Circuit

This wiring is a module that makes it easy and easy to distinguish good operational amplifiers from defective ones. The op amp tester is designed to test simple, double and quadruple operational amplifiers. The wiring diagram of the opamp tester is shown in the schematic diagram. There are components in the tester that, together with

Portable Mosquito Repellent Circuit

As you know, piezoelectric transducers tricycles have a capacitive character of the load. Therefore, appropriate is required control. On the one hand, the transmitter is fed directly from the US2 generator output to construction that I used the 555 tajmer in the CMOS version. The other side of the transducer, on the other hand it

Basic Electronic Circuits With Proteus

There are a total of 74 Proteus animated circuits, especially those that are useful for electronic beginners … Available for presentations for training. Simple analog circuits, including simplest electrical circuits, simple digital circuits, diodes, opaque circuits, etc. there is a lot of work Proteus circuits samples Alternating Current 1-3 Basic Electricity – Basic Electricity 1-7

Laser Sound Transmission Circuit

Laser Communication Circuit We can provide wireless audio communication with the laser communication circuit described below. In fact, if a parabolic reflector is used, this distance can easily be a few kilometers, and even at this distance the sound transmission will be very clear. Lazy receiver and transmitter circuits. At 5 miliWat power, we used

NE555 Super Siren Circuit

The first block is built on the NE555, which acts as a free-wave generator. VR1 50k potentiometer and C1 capacitor and VR3 100k potentiometer and capacitor C2 are responsible for the “rotation” speed. The VR3 potentiometer at maximum resistance increases the rotation speed. The rotation speed is in the range of 20 … 75 Hz.

The Domino Effect With 555 Circuit

It’s quite strange that so many projects are being done with some 555 circuits. “Domino’s” 555 timer 555 circuit is an interesting electronic circuit with a chip that is prepared based on the different LEDs and photodiodes made a lot from each other they trigger it’s a domino effect, the author is also the project

SPDT Relay and DPDT Relay

In SPDT spdt relays (Single Pole Double Throw SPDT Relay) are very useful in some applications due to its internal configuration. It has one common terminal and 2 contacts in 2 different versions can be normally closed and the other opened, or it may be normally open and the other closed. So basically you can

Simple Sensitive Metal Detector Circuit

Although simple Metal Detector circuit 555 timer chip works quite well made, the metal detector circuit according to a lot more electronic component is unused, but the fine craftsmanship of the detector part of the detector coil a bit of the good work of the days of coils already wants to There’s a timer in