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Electronic circuit calculations, tools for electronic materials calculation. Led resistor calculation, Resistor color code calculators, SMD resistor calculation, Strip Led power supply calculation, Regulator calculations, Serial Parallel resistor calculation, Capacitor calculation.

Battery life calculation Electronic conversion tables and much more. In addition, most of the pages contain technical information and diagrams.

Parallel and Series Led Resistor Calculator

led-hesaplama-led-calculator Series, Parallel connection Led Resistor calculation. A tool that automatically calculates the resistance value and resistance power according to the determined values for the operation of leds in various connections and voltages.

Calculating SMD Resistor Value

smd-direnc-hesaplama SMD Resistor Codes and Calculation. 3 Code SMD resistor, 4 Code SMD resistor and EIA-96 coded SMD resistors calculation online program and information.

Stript Led Power Suply Calculator

serit-led-hesaplama-serit-led-nedir-cesitleriInformation about led strip and led strip calculation tool