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Guitar Fuzz Factor X Circuit

Less material and a simple circuit schematic and PCB drawing simple pictures of the materials used are used for feeding the 9 volt battery in the unfoldment also added links Fuzz Factor Source: membres.multimania.fr Guitar Fuzz Factor X Circuit schematic pcb files alternative link: FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in TXT format): LINKS-3635.zip

Quality Preamplifier Circuits

Preamplifier 10 to six channels for SACD and Home Cinema The preamplifier to six lanes that we present is intended to pilot a HI-FI to five or six channels. You will appreciate the quintessence of new SACD or simply to give tone to your Home Cinema”.”He will find its place in your system if your

Audio Circuits Archive

Electronic audio circuits archive, but actually different circuits have tried most of the tests are complete concentration on the audio circuit schematic and PCB Excludes all specified drawings prepared by eagle 3d görünümer added in some circuits circuits archive list Audio mixers Mixing BasesAudio mixers liabilities 001/002 Very simple without food (for beginners) Audio mixer

Adjustable Bass Filter Circuit

Of a power amp bass amp filter circuit can be used in different times, in addition + – 60 + symmetrical voltage – 15 volts regulator circuit for limiting transistor has The frequency of the filter cut-off regulated na is a stereo potentiometer P1. For acoustic applications, the filter does not it must be perfect

Quality Headphone Amplifier with TL072 Op Amp

TL072 Headphone Amplifier circuit based on the output of Op Amp and bc328 bc338 transistors simple and low cost circuitry is powered by the supply voltage + – 15 volts symmetrical this project as a general-purpose headphone amplifier, as long as it is fed with “line level” signals – such as the output of a

Speaker Protection and Fan Control Circuit

This loudspeaker and fan controller has been specifically designed to suit the Ultra-LD 100W per channel amplifier described in the March and May 2000 issues. Not only does it provide muting at switch-on and switch-off to prevent any thumps from the loudspeakers, it also protects the loudspeakers against catastrophic failure in the amplifier. In addition,

Balance Controlled Microphone Preamplifier Circuit (+3 Band Equaliser)

Circuit TL072 op-amp based on the second one 9 volt battery is fed with DC rectifier and regulator circuit on the 15 volt DC Adapter can be used with optional low noise, I suggest using the battery can not be over-current circuit Balanced input for microphone Balanced and unbalanced output Level control 3-band equaliser Runs

Subwoofer Control Circuit

Multipurpose a control circuit low pass, high pass, Filter sections 30 .200 kHz Parametric Equaliser solid frequency, level, boost controls have also disabled SS SY-4089 (Solid State Relay) was isolated by the amp from the mains supply cuts electronic key Node there Input impedance: Line level and LFE signal inputs 47k? Speaker line inputs 10k?

Power Amplifier with Output Headphone Connection

Amplifier audio output headphone connection is made loud sound headphones will damage the high outputs to connect headphones designed for two-channel circuit in addition to mute Open Close controls added to the circuit to 12 volts dc working with amp outputs this circuit connecting headphones required for audio is reduced by relay Open Close controls

45-Seconds Voice Recording Circuit with HK828

Voice Recording Circuit HK828 and LM358 based on the supply voltage 9-14 volt DC Microphone with 45 seconds voice recording can be done recording the sound level rises to the outlet to an amplifier can connect a record eight separate section hiding the corresponding button with the records can be accessed Voice Recording Circuit Single-chip,

TL074 Bass Extender Circuit

Bass Extender – one circuit opamp (TL074) and a few passive elements (resistors capacitors) consisted of 12 .20 volts DC supply voltage .. the bass is being used to strengthen the PCB drawing became very fashionable in the low cost Bass Extender Circuit Source: http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_104168/article.html Bass Extender Circuit schematic pcb alternative link: FILE DOWNLOAD LINK

Analog to Digital Output Audio Sensor LM386 LM393

Audio Sensor circuit JP1 can set the output as analog or digital “sPlan” chart prepared by the “sprint layout” has been prepared by the PCB file. Robots can be useful for different projects or a circuit The submission represent experimental module double sonic sensor on the basis of two audio amplifiers and double LM386 comparator

Stick Mixer Circuit

The Stick Mixer, to stick to Melody and Bass entered the first stage operational amplifiers, amplify each twice, the second operational amplifiers in the mix. Third step is the second mixer circuit inverted signal back to a positive phase. Mixing process, given the non-inverting amplification Low Cost first stage is to TL072, 2 second to

Mini Combox Project

The ComBox is a practical accessory for LAN parties, network or other occasions when a group of computer users to communicate between rooms meheren. It is a pure hardware structure, unlike the case for this massive scale already available software solutions A number of advantages: # runs on any operating system, independent of software depending

Vocoder Circuit Change the Sound

summarizes examples of a circuit that can change the sound effect on audio file will give more or less the idea of ​​a device called circuit Okita vocoder clone .. Voice coder circuit are all sources of PCBs, drawings, bill of materials .. Circuit diagram consists of three sections headphone amp section is a quality