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Speaker Protection Circuit

High-quality low-frequency chain is relatively very expensive and thus no wonder that they are trying to protect its individual components in every possible way against damage or even destruction of improper manipulation or random problems. One of the possible failures are punctures one of the terminal transistors power amplifiers or any other cause, leading to

Guitar Effects, Pedal, Bypass Circuits

There are various simple, easy-made guitar effects circuit diagram pcb completed and completed the majority of applications, especially in cases where there’s photos simple wiring diagrams makes your job easier;) Range Treble Booster guitar effects Just as his role model is minimalist, and he works with a PNP germanium transistor. As a contrast to his

VCF 24dB Mixer Circuit LM13700

LM13700 24 dB mixer circuit, TL082, TL084 op-amp based upon + – .15 9 have been working with PCB panel cizimi schema files and a detailed description has Four Pole 24dB Per Octave Low Pass Filter Log Response to Control Voltage (1V/Oct Tunable) Makes A Nice Sine Wave Oscillator Power Supply Range +/-9V up to

Stereo VU-Meter Circuit 100-LED

vu meter circuit lm339 12 LM393 opamp 1 used 50 LEDs per channel falls on the pcb drawings have all the parts available in the market is on the Internet a lot, but the indicator with more than 15 LED Unfortunately, I have found. 2 x 50 LED. I have decided therefore to the design

JFET Compressor Circuit

Compressor Circuit -Ratio-Threshold-Attack and Release controls Out Level bypass feature ensures that there is a 9 volt battery works with sprint circuit layout prepared by PCBs The proposed compressor is designed to compress the dynamic range of electric guitars signal with passive and active electronics. Compressor can be successfully used for signal processing bass. In

Audio Spectrum Analyzer Circuit

CD40XX integrated spectrum analyzer circuit based on the LM3914 display driver and used a total of 100 projects have two versions of Led pcb, diagrams, etc. The frequency list. There are all the files. Spectrum Analyzer Circuit test Frekvencia (Hz) R1 (Ohm) R2 (Ohm) R3 (Ohm) C (F) 30 10k 12k 47k 330n 60 4,7k

LM3914 220V Light Vu-Meter Circuit

LM3914 LED driver with integrated LEDs are able to follow the volume amp circuit I’ve used a few of these and many similar to the output of the integrated circuit by adding additional control elements able to control high power loads CAUTION Be careful is working with high voltage capacitor circuit connections Beware + –

Gradual Subwoofer Bass Filter Circuit

Circuit MC33074 (Operational Amplifiers) and PT2351 (Subwoofer Crossover Low Pass Filter) based on 55Hz and 65Hz 75Hz 85Hz 95hz 6 Step Switchgear 105Hz stage material can be selected by changing the values ​​you can use different frequency Bass Subwoofer Filter Circuit Frequency Table gradual CA CB CC CD 3dB 12dB 18dB 1 47nf 47nf 22nf

Microphone Preamp Equalizer Circuit Channelstrip

Channel strip microphone preamp and equalizer features a volume control circuit with project drawings are quite detailed diagrams and printed circuit board. +/-15dB @ 12Khz shelving (switchable, either 8Khz or 16Khz) +/-15dB from 600hZ to 10Khz peaking/dipping +/-15dB from 150Hz to 2.4Khz peaking/dipping +/-15dB @ 60Hz shelving (switchable, either 60Hz or 120Hz) Highpass filter 50Hz

Speaker Cabinet Designs Diagrams Schematics

If you want to make your own cabin for Anfi with details galore “Speaker Cabinet” design there. Bass, treble filter media used in the cabinet (crossover) available with the transferor. Many “Speaker Workshop” program and detailed designs prepared quite well (. Swd files) Speaker, Cabinet Designs All Files : FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in TXT

Tone control circuits tl074 lm833 lm1036 tda1524

TDA1524 with the bass, treble, balance, volume control and p cad gif. Pcb circuit drawing available in print format LM1036 circuits built with 3 pieces of different circuit to only pcb drawings of different integrate these most prominent feature of the two-channel stereo that despite mono potency use bim adjustments bass (bass), high-pitched (treble), balance

Compressor Circuit Audio Signal Control

The audio signal level to automatically check a device for müzil raisers know until now I did not use only programs with music my work was but a useful device you want to apply for those Mono and Stereo two circuits have also on this device prepared a nice article there Firstly our article, let

VU Meter Circuits LM3914 LM3916 LM3915

LED VU Meter LM3914, LM3915, LM3916 LED driver dot bar display made ​​with a variety of integrated circuits vu meter circuit can use with normal 3mm LEDs 5mm LEDs as well as a bar have used modules are located in the meter has been deactivated Sprint Layout PCB file the prepared project with a well-designed

Guitar Effects Circuits Half Octave Fuzz Distortion

My guitar’s tone can use to change various effects circuits, many made ​​simple terms it is considered material quality type if you use the better results you can achieve, particularly capacitors and resistors exact value you get power supply adapter as rather 9volt to use the battery in terms of noise transformer adapter than will