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0-30 Volt 5 Amp Power Supply Circuits 2N3055 UA723

| 2008/01/12

Power supply circuit Texas Instruments voltage regulator integrated with an old ua723 ua723 based on the output current 150 may be stand-alone transistor powered by the circuit amperage 5 0 …. 30V output voltage may be adjusted. I say old, but still a highly integrated power supply is used in the new production line is…

7812 and 2N3055 12v-15 Volt 20 Amp Power Supply

| 2008/01/11

Heavy bulky quite strong and a shake :) a power supply circuit is adjustable from 12 … 15 volt regulator integrated 12volt classic L7812 was carried out by increasing the flow of Integrated control of the L7812 (12v positive regulator) integrated output power of 1 Ampere output used to strengthen the BD708 MJ2955 Transformer Troidal…

Simple 5V Regulator Circuit

| 2008/01/04

Fixed 5V regulator circuit that can provide a simple. One transistor MJE3055. = The Zener voltage of the output voltage – threshold voltage transistor is according to formula. 5 V Regulator Schematic