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ATmega8 Motorcycle alarm circuit

Separate power supply. Signalling on mobile phone call.This function has only a few hundred euros more expensive equipment. motorcycle into the phone by calling The digital alarm input is a normally closed contact. The analog input is deactivated when a certain resistance to +12 V is. It reacts to interruption and short-circuiting. Several alarm contacts

Atmel ATMEGA8 IR detector circuit

8-channel approach to IR detector sensor circuit is realized with ATmega8 microcontroller. I2C bus (TWI, SMBus) are measuring through the obstacle detection, designed for mobile robot. Approach reflects the beam of infrared light detector circuit based on monitoring works. 8-channel detection information; Measuring principle: Infrared light reflection Detection Max. Sensor: 8 independent sensor Communication interface:

Atmega8 Experiment Development Board

In the folowing page I will present you an open source development board for ATMEGA8 builded especialy for Linux users. This development board is perfect for all the newbies that want to learn about AVR Microcontrollers or want to build some nice projects with it. ATMEGA8 DevBRD contains: *ISP programer *RS232 comunication (serial port) *HIGH

USB to LPT Converter Circuit with Atmel ATMEGA8

Converter from USB to LPT parallel port (25 pin SubD receptacle) with hardware virtualization at input/output instruction level Supports all parallel port modes named SPP, EPP and ECP, 16 Byte FIFO depth USB Low Speed (1.5 Mbit/s signaling; 1 kByte/s for input/output instructions) Supports USB suspend mode with reduced power consumption Full open-source, even for

Keyboard Spy Circuit with Atmel Atmega8

The keyboard on the computer recording the transactions in the know Keyloger programs between two PC’s with this circuit you can do the same process as wireless Coding in C language prepared by a different project or my işetişi wireless data radio frequency control on the computer can be useful for people interested in Receiver

Speed ​​Indicator Circuits Tachometer Atmel atmega8

Atmel ATmega series of projects have been realized with the speedometer and LCD display are the different indicators used circuits. Display circuit used Used atmega8l-8P. Hex file and prepared by Proteus. Dns file there. The circuit has two different versions of LCD ATMega16 and used ATMEGA8515 Speed ​​Indicator Circuits files: FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in

ATmega8 AT90S4433 Wireless RF Temperature Transmitter

And a beautiful project with ATmega8 AT90S4433 your computer from a remote location with the location’s wireless RF system temperature data come Mailbox temperature measured in the test program with garden-temperature condition is displayed on the computer Wireless RF Temperature Transmitter By Don Carveth, June 2002 Rev. 2, 7/12/03: Replaced AT90S4433 with an ATMEGA8. Added

Monitor Audio Radio Spectrum Atmega8

Atmega8-16 ac circuits with LEDs monitor the spectrum vu-meters of the advanced state of our LCD and LED spectrum analyzer circuit looks very nice variety of testing everything in the middle video There are three different applications of the audio spectrum monitor’s dot matrix LED module It’s application. source: http://elm-chan.org/ – Monitor Audio Radio Spectrum