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Atmel Atmega8 Nokia6100 LCD PCF-8833 Application

Nokia 3310 screen already had several applications with bi-color LCD at this time I decided to experiment with it. Heavily on the market, the Nokia 6100 LCDs and their controllers for microchip using Atmel ATmega8 given codes can edit and work with Winavi made ​​to optimize and tried with ATmega8 code works just fine. 220Ω,

3-20V 01-10A Power Supply Circuit Atmega8 LCD Ammeter, Voltmeter

Power supply circuit volts and current information is shown on the LCD screen of the C source software, PCBs (sprint layout) has schema files. Project for people working with Atmel microcontroller series voltage current measurement can be a good example. Source: goo.gl/VIGX Atmega8 Power Supply Circuit Alternative link: FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in TXT format):

Stereo 64LEDs VU Meter Circuit Atmega8

Generally VU Meter for the indicators used integrated 2 × 15 LEDs or 10 LEDs supports this circuit atmel microcontroller using more LEDs used VU-meter circuit ATmega8 microcontroller based on the two-channel stereo per channel 32 LEDs are dropping a total of 64 LEDs PCB drawings hex and c code There. Atmega8 LED VU Meter

Atmel AVR Programmer USB Circuit Atmega8

Via the USB port of your computer that you can program Atmel series microcontrollers ISP port with stylish design a programming circuit. Prepared with eagle pcb circuit usb programming. are schematic drawings. To use the circuit to inspectors ATmega8 avr-doper-mega8-12mhz_a.hex need to download the file. Atmel AVR USB Programmer Simplified Version of AVR Doper USB

Atmega8 Programmable Controller Board Electronic PLC Circuit

Atmega8 microcontroller connected computer which functions as a PLC control board, but of course does not have a very advanced feature that will give the successful implementation feyza resources shared on üstekik Some features of PLC Board; TTL or 5V CMOS 4 digital inputs Digital outputs 5V TTL or CMOS 4 5v analog input 2

Transistor Tester Circuit ATMega8 LCD Display

Transistor very useful for testing the circuit, but I do not know more pic programming with atmel series in seeing this type of advanced applications get confused :) Transistor test circuit, BJT, MOSFET, triac, thyristor, JFET transistors and diodes can be measured. Source software and diagrams drawn with eagle pcb files there. ATMega8 Transistor Tester

Atmel Atmega8 via USB Control Circuit

Hi, I have done recently attiny2313’l usb application (ATTINY2313 PIC16F88 USB UART converter circuit) then one needs at this time on I did with ATmega8. RS232 portion of the circuit 15 disuse I / O pin with a control board that communicates via usb I designed. Available in 15 out of 15 relay circuit on

2.4 GHz Spectrum Analyzer Circuit Nokia 3410 LCD ATmega8

Mobile phones with Nokia 3410 LCD screens often used microcontrollers Atmel ATmega8 and cywm6935 nokia 3410 LCD modules made ​​with a 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer circuit Handheld 2.4 GHz Spectrum Analyzer Circuit After visiting some web pages about 2.4 GHz ISM band spectrum analyzers based on the CYWM6935 module, I tried to build my own

30V Adjustable 10A Regulated Power Supply Circuit

Power supply circuit 1.2v – 30 volts adjustable voltage 0 – 10 amps have short circuit protection features adjustable fan control lm337 mosfet buk416 been designing reinforced negative regulator LM358 opamp designed with solid control. Prepared with Eagle’s circuit schematic and PCB drawings 30V Regulated Power Supply Circuit I would like to share with you

Power LED Driver Circuit LED Current Sources Atmega8 PWM

Power LED driver circuit based on Atmel ATmega8 is working with 12 volt 3 ​​1 watt Luxeon power LEDs with PWM buck converter is operated ATmega-8 a good example source code to solve logic diagram drawing have PCBs. Power LED Driver PWM LUTW stands for Light Up The World which is an organisation which aims

100Watt PV Panel Converter Atmega8 100W DC to AC ICL7667 ETD34

The use of solar energy will be the topic for a long time an active electronic circuit is used a lot in this business at one of these inverter dc to ac converters. Ac dc voltage from PV module circuit (240Vac) is turning 100 watts of power system voltage control provided by Atmel ATmega8. ATmega

Digital Audio Control Circuit Nokia 3310 LCD Atmel ATmega8 TDA7439

My old chassis while stirring an old stereo on the chassis tda7439 found it and integrate these with making an application decided and ultimately such a nice application appeared application If we are talking circuit tda7439 digital volume control operate in a supervisory ATMega8 LCD as in my hand 3310 lcd because 3310 LCDs to

Atmel Atmega8 Multimeter Circuit (led display)

Hello, “Multimeter” was the only title that first came to my mind to. Voltmeter (positive DC voltage) from 0.00 to 9.99 V and 10.0 – 30.0 V with automatic range switching. Frequency counter 0 .. 7.999 MHz (theoretisch. ..) with automatic Change the time base Logic tester L – Prohibited area – H (actually open

PC Controlled Flower Watering Circuit with ATmega8

As far as I understand an interesting project information via computer is determined irrigation irrigation is done in the required time data exchange via RS232 com port has made ​​the source code and diagrams that can be easily applied, but not a project requires some expertise Flower Watering Test Flowers cast? No buck! That done

USB Port Relay Control with Atmel Atmega8

6 relay control units can be made via the usb port usb drive computer program code and schema files are pcb circuit to regulate the supply 9-12 volt ac section there on the SPI and RS232 connections In fact, with the computer relay to control a simple inexpensive circuit there, but (the PC and the