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Peak Hold Led Bar Vu Meter Circuit

The vu meter circuit, which can operate peak hold and normally, has a 2×20 LED peak indicator. Leds are controlled by Atmega8 microcontroller. The display range is -34 to +4 dB. The LEDs are controlled by multiplexing 4 LEDs in 10 steps, the multiplex frequency is about 100Hz. R1 … R4, their resistor (270-ohm) limits

Simple DIY homemade soldering station MK936 Circuit

There are a lot of different soldering stations on the Internet, but everyone has their own characteristics. Some are difficult for beginners, others work with rare soldering irons, some are not finished, etc. We focused on simplicity, low cost and functionality, so that every beginner radio amateur could assemble such a soldering station. A regular

Dual LCD Voltmeter Ammeter 0.100 VDC 0.10 A DC ATMEGA8

ATMEGA8 The presented device allows simultaneous measurement of two voltages and DC currents. The measurement results are presented in a clear way on the liquid crystal display. This project is recommended to developers of power supplies, chargers and other DC sources. The design assumes the following assumptions: cheap and easy to get subassemblies, Measurement of

ATmega8 FT232R USB ESR Meter Circuit

USB ESR Meter Circuit The main part of the meter is a ATmega8 microcontroller that controls the entire device. Its main the task is to process measured data and perform calculations so that the result is real ESR value. This value is displayed on the LCD. Another task of the ATmega8 microcontroller is communication with

Thermometer Hygrometer Circuit USB DHT22 ATmega8

The presented layout is a snap on a computer for measuring DHT22 temperature and humidity. It measures the temperature from -40 to 80 ° C with a resolution of 0.1 ° C and accuracy of 0.2 ° C and humidity from 0 to 100% with a resolution of 0.1% and accuracy of 2%. The device

0-30V DC-DC Adjustable power supply ATmega8

Just shared STM32F40X microcontroller atmega8 to control a power source according to the project feasibility project, it’s made with more power in the sight of ola, p-channel mosfet irf5305. That’s how things work in 2 different high-efficiency low-voltage 24…30v high-voltage buck and Boost LED indicator for voltage and current used in the display. Gerber PCB

Automatic Coil Winding Machine ATmaga8 L293

Coil winding machine based on the Atmega8 microcontroller motor driver for stepping motor is used on the floor of the L293 used on any sensor makes the calculation according to the indicator used for LCD WH0802 for keypad 12 buttons used. Automatic Coil Winding Machine, belonging to the CVAVR source code proteus isis simulation file

ATmega8 DS18B20 Led Clock Thermometer DS1307 Circuit

Led Clock Thermometer circuit based on the appearance of a lot of trouble, but construction of the ATmega8 microcontroller is very beautiful like a 900 LEDs used LEDs positioned on the plate tabelarda Atmega8 outputs there are outputs 4 x 74HC574 is IRF8910PbF (two single package mosfet of smd so8 sheath) mosfet powered through the

ATmega8 USB Email Notifier Circuit

Market “USB Mail Notifier” ready devices are sold, but in practice, ileginç project also ATmega8 microcontroller and the email account that connects the program’s source code (C + + RAD studiox) or not different projects, mail server and microcontroller communication and so on. would be useful in developing for quite disabled to get the highest

Mechanical Clock Circuit ATmega8

In fact, what lies At the forefront of the digital but mechanics should have been a wonderful project:) is an interesting time in the atmega8 microcontroller time and when the mind comes to the display, lcd, led, but the author is using a different method to display the time information. Figures are the red and

PT100 Sensor Thermostat Circuit ATmega8

Thermostat circuit for 2 pt100 temperature measurement used atmega8 mikrüdenetleyici sensor pt100 sensors gives the circuit output is being used according to the information received. The thermostat is located on the circuit board led display temperature value. Connect the relay outputs can be controlled by a variety of devices, TRIAC, etc. PT100 sensor, Thermostat for

With Peltier Mini Refrigerator Circuit ATmega8 DS18S20

Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler Is how it works with 12-Volt Feed information and 50W Peltier Mini Fridge built on the lcd display after the ATmega8 microcontroller from a more advanced peltier control circuit. The value can be determined, the refrigeration circuit can be adjusted to the heat to start the PWM information, 2 × 16 lcd

Adjustable Power Supply Circuit 0 30V LCD

Power supply circuit consists of a few sections 04 to 0 30v power supply based on solid TL081 op amp circuit 2N3055 power transistor quite popular and a classic by many people applied. LCD display on the floor (AVT2857) the ATmega8 microcontroller used voltage, current imaging as well as the DS18B20 sensor heat thanks değerinide

Nokia5110 LCD Logic Analyzer circuit ATmega8

Built on the atmega 8 microcontroller Logic Analyzer circuit for nokia 5110 display lcd display kullanılanılıyor crafted with AVRstudio Software four. source software insurance settings schema, pcb, etc. files. Frequency capture 400 kHz, Max input voltage 5v dc, operating voltage 5v (4 x 1.2 v rechargeable battery) to capture high speed signals, signal 3.7 ms,

Regulated Power Supply 0-30 Volt 0-5A 2N3772 TL082

Elektor the number given in the magazine’s old modified version of the adjustable power supply circuit .. 0 0 5 between 30v voltage and current settings can be made. Control solid TL082 op amp used in the output stage has the power transistor 2N3772 60 volts 30 amps. In addition, the circuit’s voltage and amperage