Electronic Load Circuit LM324 4 Mosfet

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Electronic Load Circuit LM324  4 Mosfet

It is a more powerful version of the “Mosfet Electronic Load Circuit LM358” project I shared, with 4 mosfets. When I got the 2-Mosfet circuit close, I did not bother to repair it. I prepared and applied the PCB drawing of the 4-Mosfet circuit. It is a clone of the product sold as a circuit kit. You can make coarse adjustments with 5K Potency and fine adjustments with 1K.

It can provide 150W power with TO220 Package MOSFET (75NF75). The operating voltage of the mosfet also determines the load voltage. Drain-source voltage of 75NF75 motet is 75V, accordingly load voltage is max. They stated it as 72V.

TO247 Package can get 300W power with larger, powerful MOSFETs. As the mosfet operating voltage increases, its current decreases, so low voltage mosfets are used.


Circuit Diagram LM324 Electronic Load


Mosfets that you can use in electronic load circuits;

TO220 Packaged Mosfets;


TO247 Packaged Mosfets;




Attention: If you make a reverse connection, the MOSFETs may malfunction. As a precaution, you can connect a high-power diode in series to the positive line.

Parameters of the original kit;

Input voltage: 0-15v/0-72V (according to mosfet type)

Load current: 0-10A/0-2A (according to mosfet type)

75NF75 75V 150W

Interchangeable with R18 16K-18K 10A, 20K 8A C9 22uF

Electronic Load Circuit LM324 4 Mosfet

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