200W Amplifier Circuit TDA2030 New PCB

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200W Amplifier Circuit TDA2030 New PCB

I think there is no one who knows the 200w amplifier circuit, whose power is increased by connecting 2 TDA2030 power transistors to its outputs. I first saw this circuit in the elektor in the 2000s. There was a thin and long PCB printed circuit drawing. It worked very well. Actually, my purpose in making the circuit was to evaluate the transformer I had. Since the circuit worked from a single source, it worked for me. I used the 12v circuit… You can operate it with a supply between .36v.


However, its efficiency is not good with 12v, the best work is between 24vā€¦.36v, my suggestion is to use at least 20v supply. Anyway, let’s come to the new printed circuit, I decided to re-do this circuit, but the first PCB I made did not look nice at all anymore šŸ™‚

I did some research on the internet and found a much more organized drawing, but the leg connections of the transistors used in this drawing are non-standard (BD508, BD705), the bases and emitters are in the opposite direction, and I did not like some parts of the drawing, so I drew the printed circuit again, it was more organized in the new drawing, in addition, the inputs and outputs. I made it through terminal blocks and added fuses to the supply and speaker output line, and the size was smaller.

200w-amplifier-tda2030-power-amp-120x120 tda2030-tip35c-tip36c-200-watt-120x120 tip-35-tip-36-tda2030-120x120


As I said, I did not get 12v to 24v with a yield tests worked fine for power transistors TIP35C, I used tip36c bd249 bd250 used instead.


PCB (tda2030-yeni-pcb.LAY) “Sprint-Layout-Viewer” http://www.abacom-online.de/uk/html/dateien/demos/viewlayout50.exe

200W Amplifier Circuit TDA2030 New PCB

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6 Comments “200W Amplifier Circuit TDA2030 New PCB

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  2. GashGash

    Impressive. Does it require a cooler fan?
    Can I use two c5200 and two A1943 transistors using the output of ordinary TDA2030 circuit as their input? I suggest you get someone good in English to edit your work. Otherwise great content.

  3. MesterurMesterur

    When I give the circuit 18 volts the power transistors get really hot . Is it normal? Any idea What did i fucked up ?

    1. gevvgevv

      Hello, not normal. Operating voltage between 12V-DC …… 36V-DC. check your circuit there may be a short circuit or faulty material


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