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Electronic Circuits projects

Audio Spectrum Analyzer Circuit 100 LED 10 Ch Peak Hold

I made a visually different version of the 10 channel 100 Led Spectrum Analyzer circuit that I used in the 2.1 sound system. The filter quality of the Led Spectrum Analyzer is around 6, and the middle frequencies are 31Hz, 62Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz and 16kHz. J5 on the circuit changes

Mosfet TL431 10W LED Driver Circuit

The 10W LED Driver driver circuit is designed to operate a 10 watt LED matrix (3×3, 10-12V) with current limitation. It works in the Step-Down system. The ring core used for the 500uh coil is approximately 80 turns of winding with 0.55 mm diameter wire taken from the filter located on the output stage of

Fan Ventilator Speed Control Wind Breeze

The author said to work in the form of “Sea Breeze” for the fan, but I thought of saving electricity. The speed control circuit of the fan works intermittently in the form of a light breeze instead of working continuously. The MAC16N 16A 800V triac is controlled with the MOC3082 Triac Driver Optocoupler based on

SG3525 220W 300W 1000W SMPS Circuits 2X70V 2X35V 14V

2X84V 2X35V 14V 220W 300W 1000W SMPS circuits based on the SG3525 PWM control IC have been designed with a 14v output of the 300W output, and the SG3525 current limiting circuit is also shared for battery charging. The design of the circuits is tidy in the simple PCB drawings, but the PC40 toroidal ferrite

SG3525 DC DC 2X100W 1X120W Car Amp Circuits

Transistor 2X100W stereo and mono bass amp circuits by converting 12V battery voltage (between 11v…14.4v) SG3525 DC DC voltage amplifier circuit to around 2X30…35V. There is protection against short-circuiting in both circuits and short-circuiting of the transistors at the amplifier output and giving DC voltage. The 120W subwoofer amplifier has an adjustable bass filter circuit

LED Lighting Driver Circuits 300V 35V

Power LED driver Circuits made with TL494 pwm IC and MC34063 DC DC voltage converter ICs for LED Lighting. Actually there are a few more but I don’t mention them as there is no transformer information (files exist) First of all, I was interested in the LED driver circuit made with TL494 because it uses

Electric Bicycle BLDC Motor Control Circuits 500W 1000W

A few months ago, a friend said that the electric bicycle brain was faulty, so I said bring it and we’ll see. High power BLDC motor control documents can be useful for code repair or project development. There is also a 250w 36v electric bike motor control scheme made in China. The explanations below are

230V 3 Phase Inverter with PFC FNA41560 PIC33FJ32MC102

The inverter is fed from a single phase with 230V alternating voltage with a power of about 400W. The output gives a 3-phase voltage of 3x230V. Inverter diagram, dsPIC33FJ32MC102 software, Kicad PCB design are attached. Main control IC FNA41560. There is a PFC power factor correction circuit at the inverter input, which ensures that the

12V 1AH-10AH Battery Charger Circuit (Automatic Float Charge)

12V Battery Charger for Current Limiting Lead Acid SLA (WET, MF, AGM and JEL). The battery charging circuit SLA uses a two-step process to charge the batteries. It automatically switches to float charge mode at a constant voltage after current-limited fast charging. Float charge: slow charge, floating charge, buffer charge etc. known as. Thanks to

BEKA-MAX Type S-EP 4 Pump Control Circuit (Clone) PIC16F628

BEKA-MAX Type S-EP 4 pump is used for central lubrication of various mechanisms and equipment units. BEKA-MAX Since there is no IMS 559. 392 integrated in the original pump card, the author has made a clone pump control circuit using a PIC16F628 microcontroller. There is a pcb drawing prepared with the source Mplab asm and

Battery Repair Desulfator Circuit

@Kapibara shared the battery desulfator circuit for battery resuscitation, recovery of the dead battery, I made a similar desulfator circuit for battery repair and tested for a long time. NE555 integrated desulfator circuit warranty circuit kits have been tested by many people, but I did not want to deal with the double coil, I applied

Protected Milliohmmeter Capacitor ESR Meter

ESR meter is a device used to measure the equivalent series resistance (ESR) of capacitors. Built on the PIC16F690 microcontroller, the previous version uses PIC16F873A) The ESR meter circuit is very small in size and its features are very good. In the ESR Meter Milliohmmeter project, the PIC16F690 program was written in MikroC. Proteus drawing,

PIC12F675 Police Siren Circuit Real Sound

Siren circuit is built on the PIC12F675 microcontroller, and the outputs of the PIC12F675 are powered by a 6-transistor bridge amplifier. Considering that the resistance of the siren is 2 Ohms, the output power is about 25W. According to the author’s explanation, since the transistors in the Bridge work in switch mode, they do not

Dark and Motion Activated LED Lamp HC-SR501 LDR Triac Relay Mosfet

I will give information about how the HC-SR501 PIR motion sensor module works, HC-SR501 Features and its use with LDR. The HC-SR501 PIR sensor module can be used not only for security, but also for most automatically activated lighting systems, industrial automation, control areas. A few months ago, I used one of the batteries that

Effect Led Stars PCB

ATtiny13 Led Stars There are source PCB drawings, Source and hex code files, Proteus simulation files. Added transistors to increase the number of LEDs. There are three printing options in the files. According to the scheme: instead of LEDs through a 1kOhm resistor to the base of the NPN BC547 transistor, then the LEDs are