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Electronic Circuits projects

Effect Led Stars PCB

ATtiny13 Led Stars There are source PCB drawings, Source and hex code files, Proteus simulation files. Added transistors to increase the number of LEDs. There are three printing options in the files. According to the scheme: instead of LEDs through a 1kOhm resistor to the base of the NPN BC547 transistor, then the LEDs are

High Quality Amplifier Circuit LM3886

The dimensions of the PCB board are 80×80 mm. Each board is equipped with its own protection device that disconnects the load in emergency situation (appearance of constant voltage at the output or breakage of any of secondary windings of the power transformer), as well as performing the necessary load connection delay when power is

LM3915 80 LED Audio Spectrum Analyzer Circuit

LM3915 The connection stands and falls with analog amplification and filtering of audio signals using operational amplifiers. The audio signal is first amplified and impedance separated by connection with the operational amplifier IC9 TL071. Negative feedback (and thus signal amplification) is affected by the TR1 680k trimmer. You can calculate how many times IC9 will

Laboratory Power Supply 30V 10A (Adjustable)

Actually, I implemented the power supply circuit with limited possibilities, but it is sufficient for me, the first tests were done successfully. Since I have a toroidal transformer with an estimated voltage of 250W…300W 2X15VAC, I did the tests with it, and the normal sheet transformer can also have a usable power of at least

CarProg Clone Programmer Schematic Firmware

First and foremost of all is to change if the problem continues, 74HC125D to 74HCT125M in your carparog. I attach 2 versions, the first one worked for me, the second one we haven’t used. The Instructions necessary to be able to program it and the Schematic Diagram in PDF are attached. Solder pin # 55

Animated Heart Circuit RGB Led

The RGB Led version of the Led Heart Circuit Music Box I shared earlier, the RGB LED version of the RGB Led Effect circuit, the PIC12F629 RGB mood light section in the previous circuit was used. There are many working modes in the parallel circuit with 20 5mm RGB LEDs, you can memorize the mode

Microphone Vu Meter Circuit Strip Led

The microphone vu meter circuit was normally a classic design with 10, I just rearranged it as a single channel strip led vu meter by using the microphone preamp stage and increasing the output power with 50N06 mosfet IRFZ44, IRF3205 and similar N-channel mosfets can be used instead of 50N06 mosfets used in the LM358

Speaker Protection Circuit

One of the reasons why the speakers fail is that the amplifier fails and gives DC voltage to the output. The speaker protection circuit detects the DC voltage at the amplifier output and disconnects the speaker. The DC voltage detection level of the protection circuit is very low (0.7…1V) so that the speaker is protected

Audio Amplifier SMPS Circuit IR2153

I shared many SMPS circuits made with IR2153. IR2153 is especially suitable for use in amplifier power supplies, even in power amplifiers in large companies, in mixers Power supply uses IR2153 on the SMPS floor. (Yamaha EMX5000 mixer service manual ir2153) I have been working on the SMPS circuit I have applied for a long

Crown XLS Clone DIY

The DIY version of the Crown XLS series professional amplifier is tried and tested and is even sold as a kit. There are 300W, 600W, 800W, 1200w versions that have been applied by removing some parts without changing the design of the original circuit much, I prepared a PCB for the 400W version. Crown XLS

Simple AVR Programmer (ISP RS232)

Installing programs on Atmel AVR microcontrollers is officially cruel 🙂 fuse settings are a separate issue, especially when wrong fuse settings lock the processor is a bad situation. There is Atmel AVR Fuse Bit Repair circuit, but we are already unfamiliar with AVR, this job is even worse, if more processors accumulate in the future,

RGB Strip Led Vu Meter PWM DFT

In Vu meter circuits, the LEDs give light according to the level of the sound signal. In this circuit, the LEDs give light according to certain frequencies (various calculations and PWM control). Led colorful music circuit, dance lights or disco lights project made with ATtiny13 microcontroller. It allows the LEDs to light up according to

Galvanic Isolation Logic Analyzer 8 Channels

Galvanic isolation for a logic analyzer with 8 channels. Galvanic isolation for Logic Analyzer with 8 channels. Suitable for use up to 2MBit with 2V level and a little faster at higher levels. As always, everything is freely available, including a circuit diagram, board, etching mask and even a Reichelt shopping basket. I have purchased

DIY Desktop Arcade Cabinet CNC Plan

I’ve been thinking about making a complete Arcade machine for years. I previously renewed my handmade arcade joystick and Arcade joystick table for the Emulator. I shared the joystick systems I made for the mame emulator in their articles. They worked very well, but they didn’t taste like the original machine, although it is important

DC DC Converter Models Matlab

Matlab models of DC DC converters A study on standard DC DC converters with transformers, their applications and simulation results in Matlab Simulink software environment using Simscape library. A large part of the work is devoted to the theory and design of the transformer model, which is an important part of the transformer DC DC