LM3886 Amplifier Circuit BPA300

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LM3886 Amplifier Circuit BPA300

I used to implement a rampant LM3886 application BPA300 LM3886 notes will take a lot of time, but I couldn’t find the çizmeside circuit was just a search, I found the drawing but the pcb is double trouble. If you want to make, single-layer pcb design, symmetrical supply circuit, the input amplifier, 220v with soft start circuit for power calculations in case of complete project oscilloscope measurements applied to the Circuit found:)




6 LM3886 is used on BPA300 DIY in the realm of very high quality and are quite popular, including additional input amplifier op amp 7 LF411 there.

BPA300 PCB layout drawings prepared by the sprint layout extension, you can use the program to open the files http://www.abacom-online.de/uk/html/dateien/demos/viewlayout50.exe

Source: andsaku.lt alternative link:

FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in TXT format): LINKS-19206.zip

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  2. Tertius du Bruyn

    Can you please send me the schematic diagram of your LM3886 300W amplifier.

    Tertius du Bruyn

    1. gevv Contributor

      There is a circuit diagram, pcb and other for the zip file given at the end of the article zip pass: 320volt.com



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