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Amplifier circuits with TDA7294, LM3886, TDA2030, LM1875 and many different models. Integrated amplifier circuits are easier to construct than transistor amplifiers, and high-power amplifiers can be built with fewer electronic components.

High Quality Amplifier Circuit LM3886

The dimensions of the PCB board are 80×80 mm. Each board is equipped with its own protection device that disconnects the load in emergency situation (appearance of constant voltage at the output or breakage of any of secondary windings of the power transformer), as well as performing the necessary load connection delay when power is

TDA1517 2×6W Miniature Amplifier Circuit

A full-fledged stereo power amplifier with the TDA1517 chip. It is powered by single voltage, achieves 2×6W output power at 4 Ω load. The whole is designed as a small module with dimensions of 30mm × 38mm, which “will fit anywhere”. The TDA1517 amplifier module can be used in self-made sound equipment or mounted in

STK442-090 Amplifier Circuit

The proposed STK442-090 amplifier circuit is a compromise, because STK442-090 is a microassembly, it is also a hybrid integrated circuit (GIS). What it is? Take an excerpt from Wikipedia: “microassembly is an integrated circuit in which, along with elements that are inextricably connected on the surface or in the volume of the substrate, mounted micro-miniature

TAS5630B 300W Class D Amplifier Circuit

The core of the whole amplifier circuit is the TAS5630B one connection is based on modified the recommended BTL mode stereo input, which is listed by the manufacturer in Selection of the final chip involvement consisted of four different modes, of the optional input pins M1 to M3: TAS5630B 2 x BTL – two separate

LM4766 Amplifier Circuit Module

The module is based on the popular LM4766 chip, completed with a symmetrical power supply. The assembled plate is a ready-made functional block of the audio system. The circuit diagram is shown in circuit schematic. The U1 (LM4766) systems operate in a non-inverting configuration. The input signal from the IN socket, through the C5 and

4 Channel Amplifier For Sound Card TDA2040

PC sound cards with multiple line outputs are commonplace than left and right channel for classical stereo reproduction. The described TDA2040 amplifier is designed especially for sound cards with four 2 + 1 + 1 output channels even those who have only a standard stereo signal, the amplifier described is complemented by simple custom ones

Amplifier 2.1 with TDA7377

Small amplifier TDA7377 of 15W + 15W + 30W in 4 ohms At the request of our followers, we have developed an amplifier with the following characteristics: The TDA7377 is the main component. It has 4 outputs that can deliver a power of 15W each. we distribute them as follows: First, we have 2 outputs

20W Stereo Amplifier With TDA2003 Tone Control

Many times we have been asked about an amplifier that can be powered with the computer source to amplify this. We have also seen the need for an amplifier that can be transportable everywhere and that provides an acceptable power service. Thinking about filling these expectations, we present a 20W stereo amplifier (10W per channel)

STK4241 STK4201 STK4221 STK4211 STK4231 Amplifier Circuit

The amplifier uses a hybrid two-channel IC STK4241-II manufactured by SANYO. Immediately, it is worth noting that the pinout of the STK4241 is compatible with such chips as the STK4201V-series (THD = 0.08%) and the STK4141-series (THD = 0.02%). In the archive for download you will find 5 technical descriptions (DATASHEET) on STK4201, STK4211, STK4221,

Stereo, Mono Amplifier Circuit TBA820M

A simple all-in-one TBA820M from the past that many of you know and experience. Despite its small size, it accomplishes great work from its height according to its time, its price is cheap, the area it covers is small and its working tension is quite flexible. I have tried to make the two circuit boards

LM3886 Amplifier Module

Mono power module, based on LM3886 application. He enjoys very high popularity and good reputation even among audiophiles who are “overly sensitive to everything that is integrated”. The LM3886 integrated circuit is based on bipolar transistors. It is equipped with protection circuitry for overheating, overload, and a very useful muting circuit for switching on and

Class D Amplifier Circuit 2X50W TPA3116

TPA3116 Class D Amplifier Circuit A small class-D mid-range stereo headset that will be used in car headphones, active speakers, or PC-audio. The amplifier module is based on the TPA3116 circuit comprising two bridged power amplifier channels with common switching, muting and protection circuits. TPA3116 Circuit schematic The TPA3116 power amplifier schematic diagram. The U1

Tiny Power Amplifier With LM4952

LM4952 It is not always necessary to have a high power audio amplifier. It is enough to power the small speakers with much less power. The presented amplifier meets this condition. It has a power of 2 × 3 W / 4 V, and additionally allows electronic volume control. LM4952 The module is based on

Electric Guitar Amplifier + Preamplifier

Guitar Amplifier circuit the signal is directed to the tip of the TDA2050. The output power is 25 W with a load of 4 ? (17 W at 8 ?). This block is equipped with an additional “CD / MP3 Player” input and three “Slave Out” outputs (for other terminals or recording equipment), “Headphones” (for

TPA2005 Tiny Class D Amplifier Module

The amplifier module is based on the TPA2005 chip with a bridged TPA2005 power amplifier capable of delivering up to 8V of almost 1.4W at 5V. Thanks to the small operating voltage (2.5V), it was possible to power the typical Lipo 14500 without additional boosters . The audio signal from the IN jack is fed