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LM3886 circuits LM3886 projects LM3886 is a high-performance audio power amplifier capable of delivering continuous power of 38w on an 8-ohm speaker and 68w on a 4-ohm speaker. Music sound power is 100w. LM3886 has many protection such as temperature protection, Safe Working Area (SOA), SPiKe protection, short circuit.

High Quality Amplifier Circuit LM3886

The dimensions of the PCB board are 80×80 mm. Each board is equipped with its own protection device that disconnects the load in emergency situation (appearance of constant voltage at the output or breakage of any of secondary windings of the power transformer), as well as performing the necessary load connection delay when power is

LM3886 Amplifier Module

Mono power module, based on LM3886 application. He enjoys very high popularity and good reputation even among audiophiles who are “overly sensitive to everything that is integrated”. The LM3886 integrated circuit is based on bipolar transistors. It is equipped with protection circuitry for overheating, overload, and a very useful muting circuit for switching on and

4X60W Car Amplifier Circuit LM3886 SG3525 DC DC Converter

Amplifier 4×60 Watts. To its solution was first selected integrated circuit LM3886T. The proposal continued the calculations and the election of the additional components of the integrated circuit and the design of printed circuit connections. To the end amplifier was also designed system of active cooling. In the fourth chapter was made the proposal of

Stereo Amplifier Project with LM3886

LM3886 integrated amplifier is a very popular application I have made a custom design I’ve done, I share it. There are differences between the PCB primarily with photos, some of the material in my hand because of some values in the development stage. – you get based on the drawing of the PCB. the value

200W Car Amplifier Circuit LM3886 SG3525

This car amp circuit one where I saw the original, but only there was a picture I think he of the amplifier clone anyway .. circuit of the amplifier on the floor 2 LM3886 is used used in car 12v battery voltage symmetric 2 × 40 volts to turn sg3525 based on the DC to

LM3886 Amplifier Circuit BPA300

I used to implement a rampant LM3886 application BPA300 LM3886 notes will take a lot of time, but I couldn’t find the çizmeside circuit was just a search, I found the drawing but the pcb is double trouble. If you want to make, single-layer pcb design, symmetrical supply circuit, the input amplifier, 220v with soft

LM3886 LM1876 2+1 Hi Fi Amplifier Project

Always on my mind I would say if you did a nice 2.1 amp circuit .. although oddly fond of side projects on the internet, not a nice mono, stereo amplifier circuit as they do not have in abundance , but 2 +1 … Half- bass is solid at National Semiconductor LM3886 amplifier integrated product

LM3886 Car Amplifier Circuit DC to DC Converters SG3525 Project

Stereo auto amp project amplifier 2 for LM3886 for supply sg3525 used the converter input voltage 12v … 14.4 v between output and 2 × 30 volt transformer for the FT140/77 toroidal ring core (inner diameter of 0.9 outer diameter 1.4) used PROM winding three 1mm wire 2 × 5 connected in parallel to the

LM3886 TDA7294 Bridge PCB

Previously normal for LM3886 and TDA7294, for bridge connections but this feature of the project was shared circuits designed to bridge the connection of PCB layout drawings and small size of the smooth double-sided construction drawings to be as bad a little difficult My first attempt at a double-sided PCBs had a bit lot of

Speaker Protected LM3886TF Stereo Amplifier Circuit

LM3886TF Amplifier circuit pretty a quality PCB design has to supply the diode bridge and filter on the capacity also for the volume control stereo 100k potentiometer attached LM3886 inputs and outputs used in this opamp NE5532 instead ad827 used opamp beslemesiç the same pcb on the 7815 and 7915 fixed regulator IC supply with

LM3886 Full Amplifier Project LM3915 Vu Meter LM1036 Tone Controlled

Tone control amplifier vu-meters, all in separate modules in different circuits can use the tone control circuit and LED indicators are integrated LM3886T used (solid 2 amp) LM3915N (vu-meters 2) LM1036 (tone control) LM3886 Amplifier Project I was supposed to challenge you to build something for the PC. Just me stereo, so I searched for

LM3886 TDA7318 Digital Amplifier AT90S8535

AT90S8535, TDA7318 and LM3886 have been realized with digital amp system LED Indicator-signal input selection can be made, unfortunately explanations could not solve in a language :) but ATMEL microcontroller dealing with people a good source AT90S8535 source for. Bas code all schematic documents have a project 4 found out occurs cpu preanf border amp

LM3886 Amplifier Project Tone Controlled

Beautiful, high quality Amplifier circuit. National Company of Used ruin his LM3876 Integrated with a few changes on the PCB LM2876, LM3886 Integrated NE5534 Used for Usable Tone Control Bass, Treble, Balance, Volume Controls have Tone Control Features 20 Hz at 20 kHz. +15 V, -15 V 2 x 13 mA. (-0.2 DB): 0.01%. 92

LM3886 Amplifier Circuits Archive

Personally, I use an integrated LM3886 obviously a Popular and saw a lot of applications in electronics store, most are cheap and low cost, using very few ingredients can make your amp with LM3886 Circuit-1: Amplifier circuit 50w power pcb design made ​​quite a small clamps and connectors for input and output power connections on