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NE555 Super Siren Circuit

The first block is built on the NE555, which acts as a free-wave generator. VR1 50k potentiometer and C1 capacitor and VR3 100k potentiometer and capacitor C2 are responsible for the “rotation” speed. The

The Domino Effect With 555 Circuit

It’s quite strange that so many projects are being done with some 555 circuits. “Domino’s” 555 timer 555 circuit is an interesting electronic circuit with a chip that is prepared based on the different

SPDT Relay and DPDT Relay

In SPDT spdt relays (Single Pole Double Throw SPDT Relay) are very useful in some applications due to its internal configuration. It has one common terminal and 2 contacts in 2 different versions can

Simple Sensitive Metal Detector Circuit

Although simple Metal Detector circuit 555 timer chip works quite well made, the metal detector circuit according to a lot more electronic component is unused, but the fine craftsmanship of the detector part of

30W RF Power Amplifier Circuit Project

High-frequency RF Power Amplifier is a device that is able to change (amplify) the amplitude of the input signal using power supplied from the power supply. This energy is transformed into the amplified output

Power Led Flashing Police Circuit Simple

This circuit is a bit more classic two-transistor flip flop circuit Police Flashing LED lamp made ​​by developing two low-power white LEDs power LEDs more than normal LED current to draw high power transistors

ENC28j60 Ethernet Module For Arduino Kit

Arduino Kits can be merged with the Arduino Ethernet module is based on the materials used in the design of the PCB DIP ENC28j60 SMD No 3 .3V regulator is used for the material,

FT245R USB control program and application circuit

FT245R USB parallel FIFO control IC with USB port, you can control the output, input pins through the program. The author used the program prepared by the manufacturer, by making the application circuit is

With a simple Timing circuit CD4060

One is a timer circuit with IC CD4060 … made a simple but efficient circuit. The trials have been successful. The drawing shows a connected T1 examined transistor oval. This link connects to the