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High quality guitar amplifier circuit TDA7294

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DMOs TDA7294 integrated amplifier guitar amp used for a variety of powerful sound, the tone control circuit TL071, TL072, TL074 op-amp ICs used

Voice in the introduction of control quite well GAIN, HI-MID, LOW-MID-BASS, TREBLE, VOLUME settings are all enabled electronic kompadent commercially available but quality potency little hard to find 4-ohm speakers and 2 x 12 volt supply voltage and 70watt power gives for 8 ohm speakers you can get 2 × 20 volt transformer power supply circuit using a full bridge diode used in place of 6 amps to me seemed a bit weak, I suggest using the bridge-diode

High quality guitar amplifier circuit  TDA7294 frekans High quality guitar amplifier circuit  TDA7294 frekans 2

The parts list for guitar amp


R1, R6, R11, R32, R33, R35, R36,
R42 … R46, R48, R49, R59: 10 k
R2, R34: 470 k
R3, R54: 1.5 k
R4, R9, R30, R31: 3,3 k
R5, R12, R15, R18, R21, R24, R25,
R29, R38 … R41: 4.7 k
R7, R51, R67, R68: 2.2k
R8, R13, R19, R28, R37, R53, R56,
R58: 22 k
R10: 47 k
R14, R20, R27, R47, R55: 1 k
R16, R17, R22, R23, R52: 220 k
R26: 15 k
R50: 100 k
R57: 680
R60: 3 k
R61, R62: 270
R63, R64: 100
R65: 20 k
R66: 30 k

C1, C8, C18: 220 pF
C2, C3, C13: 22 nF
C4, C12, C17, C28, C29: 1 μf
C5: 68 pF
C6: 10 nF
C7: 68 nF
C9, C10, C11, C14, C21: 4.7 nF
C15: 150 nF
C16, C22: 2.2 nF
C19: 33 nF
C20, C23, C27: 680 pF
C24 2.7 nF
C25 1.5 nF
C26 3.3 nF
C30: 220 nF
C31: 10 μf/63v
C32: 470 nF
C33, C46: 22 μf/25v
C34, C38: 100 nF
C35 … C37, C39: 10 μf/25v
C40, C41: 2200 μf/25v
C42, C43: 100 μf/25v
C44, C45: 47 μf/25v

Integrated and Diodes
U1: TL071
U2, U3: TL074
U4: TL072
U5: TDA7294
U6: LM317T
U7: LM337T
Q1: BC547
D1, D2, D7, D8: C33
D3 … D6, D9: 1N4148
M1: BRIDGE Diode

Other elements
P1: 47 k potentiometer
P2 … P4: potentiometer POT2
P5: 22 k potentiometer
P6: 2 × 10 k potentiometer

COOLING 180 x 50 mm

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