Magnet Polarity Detector

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Magnet Polarity Detector

Magnet polarity detector. You can find out where the south or north of the magnet is by bringing another magnet of known polarity. And if the pole of a known magnet attracts the side of the magnet with polarity, it is opposite if it is unknown (the pole of the unknown magnet). In other words, the south pulls to the north and the north pulls to the south. The south pushes from the south, the north pushes from the north. Well, if any side of your object under study is attracted by the magnet with equal force, then this object is probably not a magnet, but a metal, for example, iron.

This method is suitable if there is a magnet of known polarity and the second magnet has a sufficiently large magnetic force. In general, the polarity of a magnet, an electromagnet, the poles of complex shaped magnets, and the poles of electric motor windings can be determined.

Hall sensor used in the circuit You can find it in any computer cooler or other fans, FTC S276 or FTC S277 chip or equivalent may be used.

Magnet Polarity Finder Circuit Diagram





Magnet Polarity detecting circuit PCB drawing (sprint layout 6);

Magnet Polarity Detector


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