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HT6P20B PT2240 PT2262 Clones

| 2022/09/19

PT2240, PT2262, HT6P20B RF Transceiver ICs were cloned as software and application circuits were made with microcontroller. Clone circuits may be higher in cost, but it is a very good resource in terms of software. It is very difficult to put the working system of ICs such as PT2240, PT2262 into software. HT6P20B PT2240 PT2262…

Car Spark Plug Water Sensor PIC12F675

| 2022/07/01

The water sensor is used in various devices in factory, automation, etc. used very often in their work. Mainly for automatic water tank filling, irrigation, heating, control and more. etc., in general, sensors are used where there is water. The use of a spark plug as a water sensor is not new. Some manufacturers even…

PIC12F675 Police Siren Circuit Real Sound

| 2022/02/27

Siren circuit is built on the PIC12F675 microcontroller, and the outputs of the PIC12F675 are powered by a 6-transistor bridge amplifier. Considering that the resistance of the siren is 2 Ohms, the output power is about 25W. According to the author’s explanation, since the transistors in the Bridge work in switch mode, they do not…