PIC12F675 Police Siren Circuit Real Sound

| February 27, 2022 Updated
PIC12F675 Police Siren Circuit Real Sound

Siren circuit is built on the PIC12F675 microcontroller, and the outputs of the PIC12F675 are powered by a 6-transistor bridge amplifier. Considering that the resistance of the siren is 2 Ohms, the output power is about 25W. According to the author’s explanation, since the transistors in the Bridge work in switch mode, they do not overheat during operation and no heatsink is required.

There are Proteus file of Police Siren circuit and source code, hex files written in PicBasic Pro. All sounds are placed in subprograms You can easily create your own sequence and number of repetitions by replacing the calls of subprograms with sounds between the main tag and the unconditional skip. You can instantly relax in the Proteus simulator by creating your own unique siren.

Police Siren Circuit Diagram

BD140 instead of KT816 PNP transistors, BD139 instead of TIP32 KT817, BC type 100ma transistor instead of TIP31 KT502 (КТ503) can be used.



Police Siren Circuit files: 28073a.rar pass: 320volt.com

Source: vip-cxema.org

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