Automatic Water Discharge Electrovalve Control PIC12F675 Automation

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Automatic Water Discharge Electrovalve Control PIC12F675 Automation

Automation project using PIC12F675 Microcontroller automatically discharges water with Electrovalve. Infrared light reflection method is used to detect the presence of a person or object. It can be used in automatic urinal flushing or different automation control projects, scenarios.

It is important to isolate the infrared receiver and infrared transmitter led from each other. The infrared receiver is KSM-603LM, VS-1838, TSOP-1838, etc. operating at or near 38 kHz. available.


Electrovalve Control IR sensor Circuit Diagram




The signal from the infrared receiver (TSOP1838) goes to PIC12F675 pin 4 and informs PIC12F675 for necessary actions. The notification of the distance is made with the led named ‘LED ADJ’. Distance adjustment is made with 10k trimpot.

To set the correct distance, in front of the sensor, adjust the trimpot until the ‘LED ADJ’ lights up without flashing. Move away little by little until it goes out and move it to the desired position, checking for correct operation.

Pin 6 has an LED that indicates the status of the system;

1) Off = In standby state
2) Flashing = Electrovalve Triggered, but waiting for the person to leave the sensor to take effect.
2) On = Electrovalve activated and dispensing water.

How does the system work when it is detected?

First, it counts a duration of 5 seconds (can be changed in ‘definitions’ in software). If the person leaves the sensor during this time, the counter is reset and the electrovalve triggering is cancelled. If the person does not leave the sensor during this time, the LED and LED ADJ will flash, indicating that the electrovalve has been triggered. This led will keep flashing as long as the person is in front of the sensor.

As soon as the person moves away from the sensor, the Electrovalve relay pulls and the water is discharged. The draining time is defined in the program (5 seconds) and can be changed. At the end of this period, the solenoid valve will close and the LED will turn off.

Dead time is included between discharges. The definition can also be changed in the program. As electrovalve, washing machine, water filters, hydromassage tubs etc. Any model suitable for water can be used. A dfilter consisting of a 220 nF capacitor connected in series with a 100 Ohm resistor is added in parallel with the electrovalve coil. The purpose is to reduce electrical interference when the solenoid valve is closed.

CCS C source code and sprint layout 6 PCB drawing files of the automation project electro valve control circuit; 28825a.rar pass:


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