Open Door Warning Circuit With Talk + .Wav Hex Converter

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Open Door Warning Circuit With Talk + .Wav Hex Converter

The speech module made with PIC12F675 24C512 Eeprom and LM386 integrated used to strengthen the voice signal, the voice warning circuit is set up with very little passive material. Warning, security, etc. can be used in projects. Its most common use is an electronic voice alert system to remember the “open door” or any action. PIC12F675 is used to play a short message saved in the eeprom 24C512 memory. It can be triggered with a reed switch mounted on the door frame and a magnet attached to the door fixed nearby, and a button or tongue contact switch can be used in different projects.

The message starts 1 second after the door is opened (file c line 234). If the door is kept open, the message is repeated every 15 seconds (line 238 in the .c file).

In the original circuit, LM386 amplifier integrated was used to increase the level of the audio output, I used TDA7052 in the PCB design. There are source CCS C and .hex codes for the beeper project.



Audio Warning System Circuit Diagram PCB



Note: Since the buzzer does not require much material, I set it up on a breadboard and tested it. PCB drawing was prepared with Sprint layout 6, source file is attached. The PCB was checked, it doesn’t seem to be the problem, but I did not test it.

In order to upload your eeproma audio file, it is necessary to process the audio and convert it to .hex format. Various programs are used for this. Details video. Also, you can record audio files in .bin, .e2p, .mot, .csm, .rom, .epp formats with the same method.

Audio warning system PCB, alternative link to code files 28528a.rar password:


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