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64 Led Propeller Effect Circuit ATmega8

Led effect circuit 64 leds LEDs on the printed circuit board disposed in the impeller has a very different effect. A plurality of circuit components used SMD type. Effects displacement, velocity pcb solder buttons mounted face. Source code for the project and provided drawings eagle pcb diagram. Source: paja-trb.unas.cz/elektronika/konstrukce/snowflake.html FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in TXT

Zener Diode Test Circuit Voltage Indicator ATmega8

Interestingly circuited actually zener diode test measuring instruments should have a property zener measurement of when you are secure, a voltage see better, but so far no measuring instruments equipped with this feature I have not seen though the circuit design a separate beauty measurement probe to be in shape to use is easy. Zener

0-30V Regulated Digital Switching Power Supply ATmega8 LM2576ADJ

Very high quality design of the digital power supply circuit. Voltage current of 2 × 16 lcd display of the beauty and power of the switching mode operation switching DCDC Madden LM2576 ADJ (adj = adjustable) used the output voltage 0 …30 volt current is 0.3 amps between the hex file of the source code

USB Powered Inductance Meter Circuit Atmega8

Coil measurement “Inductance Meter” circuit based on Atmega8 microcontroller LCD HD44780 driver and the system’s power supply is taken from the USB port on the computer or adapter operated with the circuit. Circuit of the box mints box cut and processed interesting metal, enamel paint made ​​circuit optimized :) The LCD screen of the circuit

HDD Brushless Motor driver Circuit Atmega8

Brushless motor drive circuit used in computers hard drive with Atmega8 checked the engine ATmega 8 output MOSFET (IR4427, IRFZ44) strengthened engine with A, B, C, D, attached to either end. Software is written in C language compiler used in CV AVR application circuits for frequency crystal oscillator is used but instead of the internal

RGB Led Example Circuit Atmega88 Atmega8 Atmega48

White LEDs, blue LEDs, ultra bright LEDs RGB LEDs saying quite a lot in the sample application with popular microcontrollers are used in this circuit, atmega8 ATMEGA48 Atmega88 ATmega output MOSFETs are driven by LEDs in the C language prepared by the software. Also prepared by isis proteus simulation is in the drawing. Source: rgbled.narod.ru

400W Car amplifier project TDA7294 DC to DC TL494 ATmega8

Car amplifier project 4 TDA7294 used per channel 100w gives total 400w amplifier circuit supply TL494 PWM control integrated with the SMPS section retrieving circuit Additionally watts, voltage, temperature information indicating ATMega8 made ​​with digital tokens. TDA7292 SMPS ATMega8 on a single PCB and display on a separate PCB’s source code and all PCBs have

Automatic Rabbit Feeding System ATmega8 Timer

In fact, feeding, feeding various timing circuits used for business. Generally puzzling, time-consuming mechanical parts is getting no special circuitry to rabbits in this project but the authors have used to feed rabbits :) crafted with a software pascal Pascal example might be for users. Circuit based on Atmel ATmega 8 2 × 16 LCD

Laboratory Adjustable 0-24v Digital Power Supply Circuit ATMega8

Power supply circuit two separate sections consisted primarily power solid LM317 based on the current settings for the tl082 opamp used current voltage display section Atmel ATmega8 microcontroller used optionally this section may not be used completely independently of various circuits to try, simple to run a power supply All the source code to the

Fast Fourier transformation FFT Circuit ATmega8 SCT2024 LED driver

ATmega8 (TQFP32 package) based on FFT Circuit applied the entry signals 16 × 16 led display (SCT2024 serial-interfaced LED driver 256 LEDs), you can see in the FFT circuit source C, hex codes have a parent/child schema for the printed circuit drawings a good example about the use of the SPI, ADC with atmega8 Fast

24V 48W Digital Soldering Stations ATmega8

Electronic Soldering circuit built on the atmel atmega8 microcontroller can be used with a 48-watt soldering iron heat 24 volts and setting the status lcd on the displayed soldering iron resistance BUZ11 mosfet controlled. Digital soldering circuit software written in BASCOM source. bass, have a circuit diagram pcb files hex etc … material, complete with

ATMega8 Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver Circuit L293B

Bipolar stepper motor control circuit 6v … 35v inter able to run power 1 amp on the circuit control, program, sensor, PWM, UART has links ATMega8 output used in motor drive l293b circuit of the source c code ares pcb and isis simulation files there. control circuit microcontroller atmel atmega8 motor control L293 Bipolar Stepper

RF Transceiver Example Water Gun Project Circuit TX434 ATMega8 RX434

The RF transceiver with ATmega8 prepared samples prepared with C language software has all the source code for the application circuit used joke :) handmade by remote control a water gun at school students have soak :) PET bottles used to store water gun ATMega8 reinforced with 13 mosfet pin number to pop the water

ADC example ATmega8 Digital Volt Meter Ammeter AVR Project

ATmega8 AVR V/A Metter circuit Atmel ATmega8 ADC samples performed by software with C language prepared using the ADC in ATMEGA8 `s vol 2 × 16 LCD display ampere meter circuit made​​. Project of the circuit diagram and source code have AVR Studio 4. Source: avrlab.com AVR Ammeter Volt Meter Project files Alternative link: FILE

Atmel USB Programmer Circuit ZIF Socket Usbasp ATmega8

Atmel USB programmer shared by more ö “Atmel AVR USB programmer” circuit designed by the advanced ZIF socket version. Source: usbasp – USB programmer for Atmel AVR controllers http://www.fischl.de/usbasp/ As long as the 8-pin pinout fit, 20-pin, 28-pin, 40-pin Atmel processor can be programmed. Circuit and program prepared on the use of video lectures and