Simple AVR Programmer (ISP RS232)

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Simple AVR Programmer (ISP RS232)

Installing programs on Atmel AVR microcontrollers is officially cruel 🙂 fuse settings are a separate issue, especially when wrong fuse settings lock the processor is a bad situation. There is Atmel AVR Fuse Bit Repair circuit, but we are already unfamiliar with AVR, this job is even worse, if more processors accumulate in the future, it can be looked at 🙂

Anyway, I used USBASP programmer for Atmega8 in a project, Extreme Burner AVR in installer software. I installed software on the Atmega8 microcontroller without any problems. But I could not install software for the Color Music RGB Strip Led DFT PWM circuit on the Attiny13 IC. The Extreme burner AVR program was giving the error “mismatch at location 0x0000000”. I tried other software with USBASP support, the fuse settings were a bit confusing..

And I thought I’d try my luck with Ponyprog. I made a PCB drawing of a slightly different version of the circuit I used in the article “Attiny2313 Programmer com port rs232 ponyprog” and started applying.

AVR Programmer Circuit Diagram


I made the PCB design of the AVR Programming circuit as small as possible. The version I use is a little bigger, the final version is 32X28mm, it is actually much smaller with SMD materials, but it is not necessary. You can get the 5V supply from the USB port or external adapter, I used a regulated power supply.

Note: I haven’t tried it, but in my research, many users said that the circuit works with the FT232 integrated USB-SERIES port converter.




For convenience, I took the supply of the circuit from the USB port of the computer, I read, I could not write, then it was not done in reading, restart the computer, do the ponyprog calibration again, etc. it didn’t work out, I noticed an important shortcoming that I always paid attention to but forgot this time 100nf capacitor

In the first try, I used a regulated power supply, classical linear type, but the computer has SMPS, no matter how high quality it is, there is noise anyway, I was able to load the program when I connected a 100nf capacitor to the supply pin of the integrated. Pay attention to this detail if you are using an SMPS adapter or DC DC converter.

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