SG3525 DC DC 2X100W 1X120W Car Amp Circuits

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SG3525 DC DC 2X100W 1X120W Car Amp Circuits

Transistor 2X100W stereo and mono bass amp circuits by converting 12V battery voltage (between 11v…14.4v) SG3525 DC DC voltage amplifier circuit to around 2X30…35V. There is protection against short-circuiting in both circuits and short-circuiting of the transistors at the amplifier output and giving DC voltage.

The 120W subwoofer amplifier has an adjustable bass filter circuit between 80-180Hz. The dimensions of the toroidal core used at the power output of the SG3525 DC DC converter circuit are 31x19x13 mm, the winding on the 12v line is 2×5 turns (4x1mm wire), and the output winding is 4×14 turns (1x1mm wire).

The short circuit protection system is provided according to the voltage drop over the shunt resistors connected to the emitter of the transistor to which the + plus line is connected at the amplifier output. DC voltage sensing is detected over a 20k…47k resistor connected to the output. You can use this circuit with 4 transistors and PC817 opto couplers in different projects.



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