LED Lighting Driver Circuits 300V 35V

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LED Lighting Driver Circuits 300V  35V

Power LED driver Circuits made with TL494 pwm IC and MC34063 DC DC voltage converter ICs for LED Lighting. Actually there are a few more but I don’t mention them as there is no transformer information (files exist)

First of all, I was interested in the LED driver circuit made with TL494 because it uses a ready-made ATX stand by transformer. It converts 12Vdc input voltage as 300V 20mA. Power leds are used by connecting in series. I had a very old experiment with the ATX stand by transformer; DC High Voltage with ATX Standby Transformer

It gives an output of 3.6V at 80 to 96 LED connections and 1.95V with 154 to 176 LEDs. TL494 triggers the secondary 5V output winding of the ATX stand by transformer with IRL540N mosfet. High voltage is received from the primary winding of the transformer.

TL494 LED Driver 300V 20mA Circuit Diagram



CAUTION TL494 300V LED Driver Circuit produces high voltage, be careful with capacitor connections + – If you connect the polarity reversely, there may be big explosions at high voltage, before running the circuit, use the Fused Power Line, protective glasses

Application made with MC34063 DC DC converter IC has standard design but detailed frequency and voltage table LED power 3W Input voltage 40V DC Output 35V 700mA. Other designs are; Made with TNY278PN, ZXLD1360, LNK501 ICs


LED Driver circuits all files; 28178a.rar pass: 320volt.com

Source: lz4gv.com

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