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Atmel AVR circuits, Atmel AVR projects have been realized with microcontrollers of Atmel brand, amateur, professional applications, most of which are source codes.

AVR Temperature Measurement System

| 2008/01/13

Atmel AVR, Atmel microcontroller series with a super “Temperature Control Measurement System” 16 sensor inputs 4 alarm inputs and the computer’s connection. Temperature measurement, alarm, an exemplary application in the PC communication This measuring system is used to record the data of up to 24 temperature sensors in the range of -55 ° C to…

Old Cd Rom Track Player with Microcontroller

| 2008/01/13

Old Cd Rom in handy if you want to make a Track Player PIC16F877 and AT89C51, AT89S52 controllers are made ​​with good projects. Add to My Cdrom the features of the project with PIC16F877: Open, Close, forward, backward, Start, Stop, Eject, Close, Info cdrom audio output is also made ​​with a simple ANFIS to strengthen…

Microcontroller Controlled Robot Projects

| 2008/01/13

Multi-robot projects have been realized with the microcontroller. In addition to professional practice ‘projects have simple robot Most of the projects in the PIC16F series microcontrollers used ATMEL series over with no project varieties plenty sumo robots, line following robot, rope climbing robots, crawling robots also Turkish thoroughly robotics Anlatımları interested in this subject people…

Microcontroller controlled battery charging circuits

| 2008/01/12

PIC Series Microcontroller ATMEL etc. Battery battery charger integrated circuits made ​​using the PIC16F819, PIC16F84, PIC16F876, ATMEGA32, AT90S4433-PCR, AT90S1200-P, based on the ATmega8’s 7units applications Microcontroller controlled battery charging circuits all files: FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in TXT format): LINKS-139.zip

Microcontroller Controlled Digital Power Supply Circuits Archive

| 2008/01/12

NXP80C31, PIC16F876, PIC12F629, PIC18F452, PIC16F876, PIC16F870, PIC18F252, HC908QT4 made ​​with integrated power sources in various voltage and power MCU of microcontrollers in power electronics used always been interested :) Unfortunately this type MCU, PIC, ATMEL a controlled power supply did not do it to do Yade get the idea people who want a few examples…

Microcontroller GSM Alarm and Control Circuits

| 2008/01/12

Now quite a popular topic with Cell Phone Control with Microchip pic series for those who want to do these types of projects that could give clues will limp a few projects, including projects located in Atmella in 1 Pcb circuit connected pc with AT90S2313 asm hex file and available software Emergency equipment is often…

Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS AT90S8515

| 2008/01/12

PWM with AT90S8515 a good practice to understand the logic can give 200w Power should be developed for more The driver circuit method used in section H-Bridge driver integrated HIP4080 I have in the market The schema of the latter and ‘very simple, despite the Difficulties’ linked to power and it’s not particularly interesting because…

Gas Detector Circuit ATtiny45

| 2008/01/12

Gas sensors are employed in a wide range of applications in the fields of safety, health, instrumentation etc… Common examples are domestic/commercial alarms for explosive or toxic gases or in automotive application, as gas leakage detectors for LPG powered cars and exhausts detectors inside any fuel-powered truck/car. Such sensors, nowadays, are found also in applications…

AT90S1200 D.D.S. Function Generator

| 2008/01/11

The presented project is a function generator for sinusoidal and square signals production. The output frequency covers the range from 10 Hz to 100 KHz with a step of 2 Hz. The waveform synthesis is based on the D.D.S. technique (Direct Digital Synthesis) and the output frequency is selected through a microcomputer with an embedded…