Musical Ring Box Led Heart Circuit RGB Effect

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Musical Ring Box Led Heart Circuit RGB  Effect

I shared the ATmega88 microcontroller Led Heart circuit years ago. The LED Heart circuit that I have applied is controlled by the ATmega8 microcontroller. I made a lot of decoration on the PCB top floor and the PCB was made more useful for additional circuits. In the LED heart circuit, 22 ports of ATmega8 (ATmega8A-AU SMD TQFP-32) were used for various effects and LEDs are flashing in PWM mode. It was a nice Musical Ring Box. The source of the project has Avr Gcc C and HEX codes. There are not many elements other than LED resistors. The internal oscillator in the ATmega8 is used. I did not check it, but it is probably compatible with ATmega88 circuit

805, 1206 SMD Led, 3mm, 5mm DIP led can be used in the led heart circuit. If you use the non-transparent white diffuse type of the bright LEDs, a much more beautiful image is obtained. Transparent bright LEDs take the eye when they emit the light directly from the top, but the diffused ones distribute the light to the whole area. The resistors at the ATmega8 outputs can be used between 390ohm-620ohm ..

ATmega8 Led Heart Circuit Diagram PCB



Independent of the Led Heart circuit built on the ATmega8 microcontroller, there is also a RGB Led effect circuit known as “RGB LED mood light”. This circuit has different operating modes built on the PIC12F629 microcontroller (PIC12F629I / SN SMD SOIC-8) and can keep the modes in the eeprom memory. To drive high power LEDs, PIC microcontroller outputs are powered by NPN transistors (I used BC848B-HT Sot-23) I used 5MM common anode RGB LED, no transistor is required for this LED, but it is an option for a more powerful LED. I added the RGB Led effect circuit for the lower part of the box, you will see the details in the circuit boxing section.



List of RGB LED mood light effects

1.Disappearance in the full spectrum of colors
2.75% density in the full color spectrum, slow damping
3.Pastel colors damping speed
4. Pastel color slow damping
5. Gradually red + Green, 50% -100%
6. Gradually red + Blue, 50% -100%
7. Gradually Green + Blue, 50% -100%
8. Red full intensity, fades gradually; Green full intensity, fades gradually; Blue full intensity, fades gradually.
9. Red fades slowly to full intensity; Green fading slowly to full intensity, Blue fading slowly to full intensity
10. Slow Green
11. Rainbow color, slow cycle between on / off at various intensities between various combinations of Red, Green and Blue.
12. Bright White: Combination of Red, Green and Blue.
13. Half White: Red, Green and Blue combination.
14. Low White: Red, Green and Blue combination.
15. Full color spectrum fading.
16. Slower full color spectrum fading.
17. Slow warm color spectrum simulation.
18. The spectrum of cool colors decreases.
19. Purple fading.
20. Red, Green, Blue loop at a rate of 50 mS.
21. Red, Green, Blue loop at 100 mS rate.
22. Red, Green, Blue loop at a rate of 200 mS.
23. Red, Green, Blue cycle at 300 mS speed.
24. Red, Green, Blue loop at a rate of 400 mS.
25. Red, Green, Blue loop at a rate of 0.5 S.
26. Red, Green, Blue loop at a speed of 1 S.
27. Green and Blue triple flash with delay between flashes.

RGB LED mood light Circuit Diagram




New Musical Ring Box

Thanks to a friend of mine, we prepared a nice box with laser CNC engraving on the top, it was very nice, the transparent varnish was not very good.I wish I had varnished it with a blowtorch or a clear oak varnish would have been better, but this is enough.

I used 2 RGB LEDs at the bottom, but when the LED was transparent and the foil was not thick, I did not like it very much, but the diffuse RGB LED is not available in the market, I painted the plexi of the bottom part with siyoh spray in the previous prototype.

It can be a stylish box for your Valentine’s Day 2021 gift ...



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