Fan Ventilator Speed Control Wind Breeze

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Fan Ventilator Speed Control Wind Breeze

The author said to work in the form of “Sea Breeze” for the fan, but I thought of saving electricity. The speed control circuit of the fan works intermittently in the form of a light breeze instead of working continuously. The MAC16N 16A 800V triac is controlled with the MOC3082 Triac Driver Optocoupler based on the circuit AtTiny13 microcontroller.

There are source and hex code, fuse settings prepared with AtTiny13 software Code Vision AVR. Internal oscillator is used at 9.6 MHz. The timer is programmed to a reference frequency of approximately 146 Hz, the PWM period changes cyclically in the main program cycle according to the following algorithm:

First of all, with these time values, it creates 4 random values ​​that determine the minimum and maximum times of the PWM pulses, as well as the fan blowing time.

It then gradually increases the time from the previously calculated minimum to the maximum.

It then provides a pause of random duration, again calculated previously.

It then gradually reduces the duration of the pulses from the maximum value to the minimum.

And finally, it resumes a previously calculated pause again.

The loop is repeated.

Thus, with the Fan it was possible to simulate random “winds” of varying degrees of strength and duration.

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