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In experiments with a variety of microcontrollers to PLCC CQFP hard devresinizi design and begin to implement completely integrated direct pcb and holding down the mount and a converter card output or pinleriden you’re going to start over attempts to Mohammed bord and so the second option is more appropriate converter can be used to

Xilinx Cpld Experiment, Programming Circuit 10TQ100C XC95144XL

Xilinx CPLD (xc95144xl, 10tq100c for) development board second segment consisted of the first computer’s LPT parallel port program that helps you scheduler card (JTAG) and the other inside the code trial of experiments card two card single-sided PCBs to be and small size have made ​​a bit easier also for trial Xilinx CPLD oil has

LVP PIC low voltage progamming

A lot of people are but little used method of ball LVP “low voltage progamming” low voltage programming via RS232 serial port is used only 4 10k resistors. Computer program settings available in the IC Prog “programmer” to be chosen as the setting JDM I / O-Delay will be 3 level “interface” with the windows

Atmel AVR Debug Development Board

I see as the most advanced open source Atmel AVR debugging the debug test card can be made also shares some reason always one step ahead in atmel .. DIP-40 pin socket, reset button SDA and SDL (IIC) can be modified to Pull Up, PWM usbasp connection, USB-connected ATMega8 USB-UART converter, USB-UART bridge connected control


@ Erhan my brother as a gift a few LPC1102 ARM have come, but in the market these tiny chip to use the inverter board (head board) do not get it right itself on the internet, sharing a lot has made me a contribution I get visibly pleased inverter board to do the job I

ADuC845 Experiment Board

Analog Devices products that aduc845 microcontroller useful for an experiment card circuit size, although small aduc845 tests all have links aduc845 Test kartısp, the UART, input and output connections, RS232, USB (FT232) programming, etc. .. all the details are. In addition, Analog Devices “Windows Serial Downloader” program there. Source: http://kju.wemif.net alternative link: FILE DOWNLOAD LINK

LPC1343 ARM Development Board PCB

Microchip PIC ARM Atmel AVR mcu Then now advanced usage increases in prices now counted most. Mostly for beginners without much additional hardware can be developed several projects already considered a factor ARM chip away at the beginning Elektroemr simple but useful for my brother LPC134 LPC134 has designed a test card for you can

Atmel Development Board ATmega16 ATmega32

Experiment card design, layout and ATmega32 microcontroller ATMega16 been quite well prepared for the software can be tested not very advanced test card may be enough for a lot of users. Try some of the features of the Atmel Development Board; 4-digit LED display, WA replicated; 4 × 4 or 4 × 1 keypad (buttons),

Simple Development Board ATmega32 Breakout

ATmega32 Development Board circuit You can use your studies with ATMega32A software to try a simple experiment, the test card 5v supply and have all the input and output ports for external programming socket terminal connected to the reset button. Printed circuit board with Altium Designer. Source: http://www.whatsmoke.com/wordpress/?p=225 Alternatif link: FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in

Robot Development Robot Control Board for your Robot Projects

ROT-KON-1.0 is a general robot control board. Most of what we want with ROT-KON-1.0 robot is designed according to the project. ICSP connector on the program include throwing socket and bootloader. Also Aport male connector portion is connected sequence of sharp GP2D12/GP2D15 sensor is designed according to the sequence of the pin. B port is

AVR Experiments Boards

For people dealing with Atmel AVR programming in tests of various modules that can be used in experiments (avr matrix, avr keyboard, avr buttons, avr lcd display, avr dipswitch, avr led bar) circuits pcb circuit belonging to the schema files have. Source: http://leon-instruments.blogspot.com/2010/07/pytki-rozwojowe-do-mikrokonrolerow.html AVR module Boards alternative link: FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in TXT format):

FT2232H Development Circuit 10MHz Test

FT2232H 93c46 eeporom 10MHz 2 yönlü geliştirme Devresi… FT2232H pcb 10 MHz circuit diagram of eagle pcb board drawing FT2232H Circuit Test Development FT2232H generation of USB devices. The FT2232H is a USB 2.0 Dual High Speed 480Mb/s to UART FIFO IC. It has the capability of being configured in a variety of industry standard

uClinux Xilinx Fpga Spartan Board

Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGAs xc3s400 uClinux board has quite a complex structure, but such studies are rare on the web are in pdf format, circuit diagram, pcb drawings have Xilinx XC3S400 FPGA & XCF02SV020C Flash Platform 8MB Flash ROM 32MB SRAM PCM3008 Stereo Audio Codec digital volume control, Hi-Q 8 Port ADC UART FTDI USB 2.0

ATtiny24-44-84 Adapter PCB Testing for the programming

Atmel series testing, programming circuits attiny24, attiny44, attiny84 adapter so you can use the integrated micro-controller circuit. Circuit eagle pcb, pcb diagram welding drawings are on file amended PIC microcontroller can be used in series. STK500 development board stated that the author uses. ISP connection on the adapter socket and SMD types are integrated within

MultiPurpose Atmel Development Boards Project

Atmel series microcontrollers series to prepare for the software quality testing to ensure ease in your test circuit has 3 different test circuit. ATmega8, ATMega16, atmega162, ATtiny2313 and ATTINY13 made ​​to the circuit RS232 to RS485 keyboard LEDs LCDs and a lot more input and output sections DS18X20 sensors midi input dip-switches EEPROM triac floors