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Additional Card Module For Microcontroller Projects

The author uses AVR microcontrollers, but has a structure that can be used with different microcontrollers.. button, LED, switch, LCD, etc. gather the cards together and made a single card as well as passive recreational module – Keyboard Matrix (number of rows – 4, number of columns – 4); – Chapter separate and independent buttons

PCB HC05 Bluetooth Module HC05 Breakout Board

HC05 Bluetooth module pcb with your projects easier breadboard compatible PCB artwork that you perform. You can use the Bluetooth Module PCB with solder onto the HC-05 input, outputs, connection status led indicators, 3.3 v regulator and other required passive circuit components on the PCB. HC05 PCB module can be used with a simple example

Experiment Kit For LPC1343 ARM (Breakout Board)

Designed for embedded applications LPC1343 ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller low-power on-chip peripherals include UART and USB bootloader I2C, SPI, UART, Timers, Interrupt, ADC, etc.. There are a lot of features A very ARM LPC1343 on the test kit can be used on a breadboard project can be tested USB interface and Power Supply ISS Switches, Reset

TQFP100 DIP Converters

So far TQFP100 as multi-legged bids in DIP breakout I have not seen already size because of that it generated not think they will, but though using pulled because I think on a breadboard use would be very easy other inverters or for PCBs to be prepared, or a whole bunch of cables to solder

93XX Eprom Programmer

93XX eeprom programmer circuit PIC16F628 microcontroller based on the PC connection via serial port MAX232 is done with 93XX EEPROM of the program to throw a party installer program’s source code through given to developing a clear project computer programs in C + + prepared with the appropriate person for a good example .. for

Universal Microcontroller Development Kit

Very advanced microcontroller Developmentcircuit many features as well as different firms mikrodeneyleyici also supports some atmel try to set artificial der some microchip author for making a big difference all in one made ​​:) on the circuit Atmel ATmega168, NXP LPC1114 and Microchip PIC18F453, PIC18F250 tested circuit Altium pCB desinger 10 has been prepared by

TQFP100 Adapter PCB (Eagle ATmega1280)

ATmega1280 and similar Atmel microcontrollers can use TQFP100 adapter PCB and chart drawing exactly the’m not, but ATmega1280 datasheet write on, according to the atmega640, atmega1281, ATMEGA2560, atmega2561 microcontroller, the same circuit can be used on either a few adjustments with the different brands can .. Source: mikrocontroller.net/topic/82796 alternative link: FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in

LPC2103 ARM development board

In spite of the small size of ARM LPC2103 development board pcb contains a lot of features in addition to the bill quite well in the shared usb card also can be used in a series of LPC210X specified. LPC2103 ARM COM ports on the test card, SD Card, LEDs, LCDs (+ nokia 3310 LCD),

HCS12 MC9S12DP512 Development Board

Motorola HCS12 Series Development Board MC9S12DP512 designed I’ve seen MC9S12DP512 car in the brain , the airbag control is used mostly used in industrial applications obviously not much information about but about the people that would work for simple convenient assay development board when I found I wanted to share .. the card’s PCB and

LCD Module Board Nokia

Atmel, PIC, AVR microcontrollers with on various projects mobile phone LCD screen to use for a long time popular, especially nokia 6100 3310 display low speed mikrodenetleyci driven by use, as the more common this lcd display driver integrated directly, with microcontroller can be driven. 3 Piece module (nokia LCD breakout board) there are any

Handmade TQFP32 Converter DIP32 Adapter To PCB

TQFP32 in integrated circuits do not require soldering, especially for microcontroller projects, going to work is a handy TQFP32 DIP32 very good craftsmanship In handmade converter pcb solder after filling up with left, right bars soldered onto the sections. In order to facilitate the placement of the chip, the chip will form part of the

Xilinx FPGA Development Board XC95144-PQ160

Xilinx PQ160 FPGA production is a very prepared for project XC95144-you can run the test, the test card. Printed circuit board drawing on input and output connections single circuit hard Crystal 5v regulated to 7805 and passive components. Xilinx XC95144-PQ160 Development Board schematic and pcb printed circuit drawings have been prepared with the proteus, in

FT232RL USB Multi Converter Circuit

Introduced 3in1 converter device: USB – RS232, RS485, and UART. Fully dedicated to the role of the FT232RL converter is visible in the system as a COM port, and is supported by two MAX232 and MAX485 systems. All settings for the converter are made by the system, as in the normal speed of the COM

Development Circuit STM32F103RBT6 QFP64

STM32 Arm projects, you can use the dimensions of the printed circuit card a useful development circuit is quite small and single-sided snow on the USB I2c links to reset the input outputs RS232 SWD, etc, you have to boot the buttons have a circuit diagram and pcb artwork in addition to the picture format

Open Source Project Development Platform Jaluino Jalv2 PIC18F4550

One Arduino named hunting, ca based on the development project carried out was very popular a lot like made ​​additional modules say in every country a system used was Sebastien Lelong same job jalv2 users have done for the Microchip PIC18F4550 based on the circuit design of the programs prepared. The circuit diagram etc. USB