Simple 2SC5200 Transistor Amplifier 100W RMS

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Simple 2SC5200 Transistor Amplifier  100W RMS

100W Amplifier circuit provides high power with less material. Output transistors 2 2SC5200 NPN transistors. PNP transistor is not used for output in this amp design. The operating voltage of the 100W Amplifier circuit is 2X46V DC. If you want to operate at higher voltage (max. 2X56V DC), you should use 2SC3858 or similar power transistors instead of 2SC5200.

The 100K resistor connected to the base of the 2SA733 transistor from the amplifier output adjusts the gain of the amp. You can use it between 56K….100K. The author added a passive tone control circuit to the audio input of the same circuit and used 100K gain resistance. 100W Amplifier PCB printed circuit design was prepared with Sprint layout 6 PCB dimensions are 60x50mm.

Other details such as transistor and power supply are given in the 1/4W test video for those who do not have power values ​​on the resistors with high power. PCB printed circuit drawings of 2SC5200 RMS 100W Amplifier circuit prepared with Sprint layout 6 PCB dimensions 60x50mm

100W Amp Circuit Diagram





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