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DIY Orthopedic Knee Chair

It can be thought that sitting on the knee chair, does not look comfortable, but it is a very useful design especially for those who spend a lot of time at the computer. The parts can be made by hand, but it is much better with CNC. When sitting on a computer tongs for a

Speaker Repair Coil Replacement

In general, the loudspeaker coil will light up as a result of overload or if the amplifier fails and supplies DC voltage to the output. Generally, repairs are not made for low-power speakers, but for expensive high-power speakers, repair is more economical. Tools for replacing the speaker coil; Hobby drill or hand motor Scissors Soldering

PCB Cutting Machine Sewing Machine Modification

It’s an interesting project I’ve seen in a project that is usually done with electric drills handmade shared a sawhorse; Dremel 4000 handmade sawhorse, Proxxon Made by reference to the sawhorse and circular saw for cutting PCB Assembly Sewing machine tuning, the author attached to the needle section of the machine and have mounted the

PCB Tin Plating

PCB printed circuit board lamination machine with pvc prepared at the end of the video on preparation of the practical printed circuit, solder in a manner that is rapid PCB coating is a useful method that I used when I was shown… in this video, tin coating PCB lemon salt and had been informed about

Practical SMD Removal Kit

SMD type resistor, capacitor, diode, or the like in the case of removal of the material very practical for Iron soldering apparatus you can prepare and see your work in a short time. As shown in the video picture and the material used is 2mm thicker pieces of copper wire with more advanced easier to

PCB spark gap

@Bülent NUR forwarded by my teacher PCB spark gap videosu review, especially in power electronics PCB designs contains useful information for possible leakages on the system high voltage spark gap for a method to be applied to minimize damage thanks @Bulent Spark gap A spark gap consists of an arrangement of two conducting electrodes separated

Microwave Oven Transformer Made with electro magnets

If you want to make a simple but powerful electromagnet, micro-wave oven transformer and the transformer is cut off with a grinding machine of Palm’s primarily some sufficient labor is subtracted from the primary voltage to the secondary coil of hair after it is given handmade electro magnets what is an electromagnet? Electromagnet, the electric

Animated video Stepper motor and brush motor operation

videos about how step motors work the brushed motors and brushed prepared that contains very detailed animation. animations thanks to the engine may be easier to understand how it works principles of operation of the stepper motor operating principles of the brushed DC motors source: homofaciens.de

Manuel Toroidal Core Winding Machine

Video of the SMPS transformer winding shared “before” and “Handmade Toroidal transformer winding machine” to the writings of a Toroid Core Winding machine, additional more wanted to share the video with manual fine-wire or not a machine ideal for multi-turn windings, but a lot of work, especially if it will work in practice, but a

The Use Of Solder Ball BGA Soldering Repair PlayStation PS3 Slim

Bga removal and soldering of smd integrated cold soldering automatic soldering BGA chip failures again, BGA, flux, gave detailed information about the use of the hot air gun to solder balls was very common back then, and it was expensive and we were again though his legs now the BGA solder paste with a BGA

Simple shaking machine for printed circuit acid pool

Printed circuit board PCB pressure yaptıkdan after a lot of people, myself included, to melt the copper plaque perhidrol the spirit of using this mixture a mixture of salt and very harmful if inhaled timing how long you estimate it might break if mixture appears in the way copper machine will be very beneficial to

Syringe Automation

What did they do with the syringe into the Automation when the handmade what we call mechanical:) syringes with very nice things they built robot arms with syringes excavator shovels so they regularly check the system that you do have one, I say. especially in the first few minutes that the bucket … Automation all

Tablet PC China Factory Last Stage of Production

Tablet computers price down so much that the market most commonly used Chinese goods tablet computers everyone who is getting 70 … 100 dollars the quality of products or less predict, but the price attracts people to the net though guaranteed :) usually for children wives friend as a gift is purchased. In the video

The reaction of aluminum with Hydrogen Fuel Cells

oil alternative fuel economy quest many have research Aleix Llovet and Xavier Salueñ about this interesting work has been done name dalh2ore a few pieces of aluminum sodium hydroxide substance mixed with chemical reactions as a result of hydrogen is obtained for this job only add fuel their model cars 40mn. 30km per hour is

Useless machine videos

Indeed most useless, useless but fun machine :) I think the most fun part of this machine is considered by many people hold many different models in the form of the same work done with lego :) It was nice to watch videos, etc. with dry wood. There are many different designs. Most Useless Machine