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8051 PS2 Keyboard with LCD Writing Text

PS / 2 protocol used text via a keyboard microcontroller applications that perform printing text on the LCD The goal here Text via keyboard microcontroller to print text on the LCD. Through keyboard microcontroller contained in a code corresponding to each keystroke is generated. About scan code ASCII code is used as code corresponds microcontroller

AT89C51 Animated BMP Graphic LCD Display

AT89C51 microcontroller controlled Animated BMP project usnig Graphic LCD Display 128×64 project keil source code and proteus isis simulation schematic files Graphic LCD Animated BMP Schematic project files: FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in TXT format): LINKS-2374.zip author: Cihangir Kılıç

AT89C51 Microcontroller Analog Clock for Graphic LCD

Analog Clock GLCD We use 128×64 pixel graphical LCD having “HY-12864K” is. This adds the file extension of the LCD connections are provided in PDF. 128 × 64 graphic LCD s have the same general structure. Differences spending power connection types and LED colors. Graphic LCDs are managed as two frames (64 × 64) and

AT89C51 Square Wave Signal Generator

Signal generator test is often the recipients of the amplifiers used in the test and repair of this equipment. Used as the signal source. Wave detector, radio frequency used in places such as bridges. Integrated signal generator, the steady operation, because of the cost is low and it is preferable to be mixed. Attractions signal

AT89C51 L293D DC Motor with Door Control Circuit

The main purpose of the circuit is to control the gate of the house. This DC motor and provided with two limit switches is provided by mechanical parts. The two buttons open and close the circuit inside is available. Sent to the ends of the drive motor integrated into 1 and 0 knowledge engine is

AT89C51 8051 Graphic LCD Animation

GLCD Animation circuit voltage is applied to the currently displayed map of Turkey comes first. Subsequently, the Turkish flag and a picture of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the next step is to come. Art world will begin to come after arrival. Circuit operation: Graphic LCD as the most important feature point-based study. So, as in LCDs

Calculation of Body Length with 8051 and DS89C430

In this project, which is designed using DALLAS DS89C430 microcontroller (in simulation AT89C51RC2) circuit and a marching band, calculated on the length of the body, the LCD display was performed. Circuit consists of three parts. In the first part, designed with the supply voltage for regulating the voltage source 7805 is used. In the second

89C51 8051 voltmeter thermometer DS1621 ADC0808

ADC 0808 standard data acquisition systems many components on a single chip host is a member of ADC 0808 8-bit flip makes the process and addresses from input latch 8-channel data selection (multiplexer) and microprocessor compatible with the associated control logic provides. ADC 0808 standard data acquisition systems many components on a single chip host

AT89S52 8051 RF DC Motor Speed Control

Wireless within a certain area with a control circuit for controlling the speed of DC Motor. Work, should I use to reach my goal I began to identify materials. These materials AT89S52 microcontroller, our independent auditor by the company manufactured and price is also suitable 433MHz UHF frequency band enables communication RF receiver and transmitter