TDA2005 Amplifier Circuit

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TDA2005 Amplifier Circuit

TDA2005 is a classic integrated circuit that achieves great things with low voltage. You can use it as a stereo or bridge depending on its location. It does not hesitate to protect itself in high temperatures and short circuit situations. In this study, we did a sweaty bridge connection study with him. Although it is a bit outdated and old, it can still find a place in some projects.

LM2005 can be used as an equivalent and even TDA2004 can be soldered to the same PCB. If the sound source you provide to the input of the amplifier is a little loud, a resistor between 10 and 20K can be connected in series to the input line. If you are going to connect from a preamp output that cannot drive headphones, there may be no need to use a resistor.





PCB files of the TDA2005 Bridge amplifier project;

tda2005 amplifier circuit


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