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dsPIC30F3013 elm327p automotive racing monitor

Microchip / Circuit Cellar 2007 design contest dsPIC30F3013 elm327p Universal Automotive Racing Performance Monitor Real time performance data for your car The microcontroller used to do the show calculations is the Semiconductor dsPIC 30f3013. This microcontroller has IEEE floating lie sustenance, which was required for sudden preparation of miles cosmopolitan from the container deepen messages.

PIC33FJ256MC510 robotic puppet controls

The project is to use dsPIC33F controller with many embedded peripheral modules, and this family controller is applicable/perfect for muti-purpose controlling. This project is full construction of mini puppet theater with computer control. dsPIC controls lightings and motion of Pinnocio charecter by controlling motors to pull strings that make the character alive. Microchip Part in

dsPIC30F301 laser light backscatter lcd keypad input

Microchip 16-bit Embedded Design Contest Determining Surface Roughness By Laser Light Backscatter Registration Number – MT2254 October 16, 2007 As a stand alone measurement system with user interaction, the project needs some sort of intelligence. A Microchip brand dsPIC microcontroller was chosen to provide this intelligence. A microcontroller can be described as a microprocessor, but

dsPIC30F2012 pulse oximeter 2X8 character display

Signal to H-Bridge used to control IR Source On/OFF {1/0} Connects to T1IN of MAX232 device. Provides RS232 data output for system. SPI Serial Data Output pin that connects to the Microchip MCP4822 DAC device SPI Clock Output to Microchip MCP4822 SPI DAC device SPI-DAC A Microchip MCP4822, Digital to Similarity Converter with SPI port

dsPIC30F4012 controls spectro meter 10 bit adc ir fft

Detailed Description – FFT Double Beam Infra-Red Spectrophotometer This original FFT double-beam IR spectrophotometer measures IR irradiation to identify varied chemical molecules. A dsPIC30F4012 controls the spectrometer with FFT algorithms. The 10-bit ADC on the DSPIC30F4012 has the cognition to use VDD and VSS as references so you don’t requirement a secernate voltage write. This

PIC30F2010 dsPIC controller 2 axis midi laser show

This project is a dsPIC30F2010 based controller for a two axis laser show. The controller receives input as MIDI data, and controls X and Y beam deflection mirrors attached to open loop scanning galvanometers. PWM square waves don’t make very good galvo drive waveforms. The dsPIC30F series, however, is fast enough to both decode the

dsPIC30F2012 electronic stethoscope amplifies

Programmable Gain Amplifier – MCP6S26; Microchip’s PGA, MCP6S26, is misused to dynamically suppress microphone realise and to multiple temperature device signaling to ADC manoeuvre of the set. This PGA is configured to jazz acquire 1 at DC and s/w manageable advance for AC signaling. This mixed get mode is achieved by bypassing VREF pin to

dsPIC33FJ12GP202 midi synthesizer mcp4921 6n137

Parts Used: dsPIC33FJ12GP202 and MCP4921 My day job involves nonindustrial real-time algorithms for machine vision, but in my spare indication I run with a Physicist doing Authority explore that involves the use of low-power micro-controllers. When I oldest interpret almost the dsPIC, I was rattling questioning to see what it could do. I elect the

dSPIC Wav Recorder Wav Player Project

Circuit DSPIC33FJ64GP802-I/SP software has a micro-controller based on the hex, but unfortunately do not have the source code for the microcontroller DSPIC with the series level at least because of resource constraints of hardware design department can give more or less the idea. MMC-SD-SDHC memory card with DSPIC `s communications, key combinations, microphone input and

PIC24F SD Card Reader Circuit Image Frame Nokia 6100 LCD

An interesting project you know, this sort sd card input 7 inch image viewer (photo frame) fashion PIC24FJ64GA002 and nokia lcd using the mini image viewer made ​​software c language yl crafted 16-bit dsPIC with çalıkş for people who are a good pic c example Imaging for nokia 6100 LCD used but LCD direct PIC

Brenner 9 USB PICmicro Programmer PIC18F2550

Brenner 9 had shared with the new version of sprut. usb programmer circuit for PIC and dsPIC series of shared supports advanced (pıc18fxxjxx, PIC24 dspıc33) circuit again based on PIC18F2550 Also in addition to Brenner 8 3.3 9 volt adapter circuit diagram provided with the appliance can be programmed with eight in advanced integrated Brenner

Microchip C Sample Code Hi Tech C Example Archive

Sample projects for the Microchip PIC micro series of microcontrollers, including the PIC12x, PIC16x, PIC18x, PIC24x, and dsPICx microcontrollers. Hi Tech C Example Application List CRC USB serial port for PIC18F4550 MMC card Delay routines in C for PIC16Fx core Delay routines in C for PIC18Fx core UART for PIC16F87x and PIC18Fx Bootloader – PIC16F876

Simple Cheap PIC and dsPIC Programmer Circuit

PIC, dsPIC Programmer circuit DSPIC PIC30F series and other classic pic microcontroller can program the software used Wi Pic Programmer PC connection serial port (RS232) max supply voltage of 16 volts DC PIC dsPIC Programmer Source: http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_110501/article.html Simple Cheap PIC and dsPIC Programmer Circuit PCB schematic alternative link: FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in TXT format):

Simple DSPIC Experiment Development Board

Beginner level LEDs, buttons, analog input, 24Cxx EEPROM and serial communication with the PC I did try a little experiment where you can make your own set. Wishing to be helpful. Simple DSPIC Development Board Try this with a set of tiny LEDs, buttons, analog input, read and write 24Cxx EEPROM, serial communication with the