Calculation Programs SMPS Coil Transformer

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Calculation Programs SMPS Coil Transformer

The latest, packaged version of the calculation programs shared in the articles Advanced SMPS Transformer Design Program ExcellentIT and SMPS Converter Coil Transformer Calculation Programs has been updated for about 13 years, and the author has made a great effort. Unfortunately @Starichok master stopped developing. I had to use the Excellent IT 9.1 version, but there are no translation files like the 7300 version. I got the old version image and compared it.

“All_In_One_2.01.exe” is the interface that allows you to access all programs from a single window. It has no other function. You can also go directly to the program folder and run .exe files. None of the programs require installation.


  • Air Coil: Air core coil calculation
  • Booster: Inductor calculation for three converter topologies. Boost (booster, upgrade). Buck-boost.
  • Booster Ring: Same as Booster, only for ring cores made of powder materials.
  • Calc GRI: Calculation of the group stabilization coil in rings made of powder materials.
  • Calc PFC: Calculation of the power factor correction transformer.
  • Calc PFC Ring: Same as CalcPFC only for ring cores made of powder materials.
  • Drossel
  • Drossel Ring
  • Excellent IT: Push-pull, Half bridge, Full bridge Calculation of power transformers TL494, IR2153 etc. Configurable for.
  • Flyback-Lite: Simple version of the Flyback program with many parameters added by default.
  • Flyback: Flyback is a program for calculating transformer.
  • Flyback Ring: Same as Flyback, only for ring cores made of powder materials.
  • Flyback ZCS
  • Forward:Calculation of the transformer of the single-cycle forward converter.
  • Freq 2153: IR2153 Frequency calculation
  • Freq 3525: SG3525 Frequency calculation
  • Freq UC3842-45: UC3842, UC3843, UC3844, UC3845 Frequency calculation
  • Lite-CalcIT: It is a simplified version of the Excellent IT program.
  • Resonant SMPS:Calculation of resonant converter transformer.
  • Ring Ferrite Extra Soft: Calculation of the pulse transformer for the push-pull converter on ferrite rings.
  • Test Ring
  • Trans 50Hz: Calculation of sheet metal transformer. It is possible to set any frequency other than 50Hz.


I prepared a short video about Translating Programs with Risoh Editor. As I said, I only translated the Excellent IT and Air Coil programs. If anyone can make a complete translation of Rasca and share it, I will add it to the article.


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