Lion Battery Box Converter for Ni-MH Battery Drills

| March 16, 2024 Updated
Lion Battery Box Converter for Ni-MH Battery Drills

3D drawings of the old generation Ni-MH Battery Drills and the new generation Lion battery used drills with battery pack and box and holder apparatus

Battery holders have .stl files for 3D printer. Battery converter 3D drawing printed on the stand from ABS, 1.2 mm thick and 30% filled. After printing, it was dipped in acetone for about 10 seconds and allowed to dry until the next day.

After it dried, the same process was performed once again. The contacts are made of copper sheet thickness 0.5 mm, a double plate is placed for the screwdriver, so the total thickness of the contact is 1 mm.

Instead of converting drills using Ni-MH batteries to Lion batteries, the author used the batteries of his new drills in old devices in this way. Old Bosch devices are not a replacement for new ones 🙂








Battery holder 3D drawing .stl files;


Lion Battery Box Converter for Ni-MH Battery Drills dw link


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