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Atmel Atmega32 Testing, Experiment Board

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PCB and schematic P-CAD 2004 Schematic drawings prepared by V18.00.2690 also available in C language prepared by the test code through

You will find on this page all the elements to achieve a map of development for ATMEGA32 Power 7v to 12v (4mm sockets) protected against reverse polarity Visualization by 8 LEDs statements of eight logic outputs (your choice according HE10 connector wiring entry porta, PortBait, PORTC, PORTD output keyboard or encoded)

8 inverters to generate logic levels on inputs
2 knobs to generate tension on adjustable analog inputs
4 connectors to connect HE10 ports ATMEGA32 keyboard on the screen LCD, the LEDs, the reversers to generate logic levels or other cards
1 for connecting ISP (programming ATMEGA32)
1 connector for connecting HE10 JTAG (emulation ATMEGA32)
1 keyboard with 16 keys and output encoding on a HE10 connector
1 lcd screen with 2×16 characters with entering a HE10 connector
1 female DB9 serial connector to communicate with a PC for example

Atmel Atmega32 development board

Atmel Atmega32 Testing, Experiment Board development bord atmega32

Source: stielec.free.fr/ Atmel Atmega32 Testing development board PCB schematic and sapmle code alternative link: atmel-atmega32-testing-experiment-board.rar

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