Transformer Winding Machine Control Board

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Transformer Winding Machine Control Board

The control card made for the transformer winding machine can control the winding from 0 to 99.999 turns with 5 steps. You can use common cathode or common anode Led display. 6 buttons are used to control functions. The heart of the circuit is the PIC16F628 Microcontroller IC. The set number of rounds is saved in the internal EEprom memory of the PIC16F628A, it is not deleted even if the power is cut off. It is a very well designed project in terms of hardware and software.

A TIL32 infrared diode is used to count the transformer winding circuit motor rotation and a TIL78 phototransistor is used as a receiver. I used a ready-made infrared speed sensor module based on the LM393 IC. As a recommendation, a detection field with 50% open and 50% closed area should be used, depending on the axis of rotation, passing through them, allowing a 50% duty cycle.

High motor speed values ​​above 3600 should not be used, otherwise the pulses (cycle numbers) will not be counted correctly, anyway, it will be too fast for transformer winding of 3600 and above. You can use Motor driver circuits to adjust the speed of the motor, or there may be inexpensive motor speed control modules available on the market.

Coil, Transformer winder circuit has source and hex codes written with CCS C, MPLAB-XC8, GREAT COW BASIC and MPLAB-IDE compilers. There are also software versions for common anode or common cathode display.

Note: PCB Design was made with Sprint layout 6, although it was a single-layer PCB drawing, its size was 82x65mm. Common Anode PCB not tested, only emitters of BC548 transistors go to 5V line instead of ground, but I haven’t checked in detail.


Transformer Winding Machine Circuit Diagram






Transformer Coil Winding Machine PCB, schematic, code files; password:

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